Noble Warrior Initiatives For the 111th Congress

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

For the 111th Congress, Ranking Member Steve Buyer has initiated a Noble Warrior legislative agenda, which will be a continuing series of bills to improve the lives of servicemembers, veterans, and their families.  Please contact the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee Minority staff if you have any questions about the legislation, or if you are a Member office wishing to co-sponsor any or all of the bills.  The link below will guide you to a brief summary of the bills that have already been introduced as a part of the Noble Warrior agenda (H.R. 293, H.R. 294, H.R. 295, H.R. 296, H.R. 297 and H.R. 1293):

H.R. 292, Department of Veterans Affairs Energy Sustainability Act of 2009

Tuesday, March 03, 2009
This bill promotes the use of sustainable and fuel efficient technologies at VA facilities and creates an Office of Energy Management within the Department of Veterans Affairs.  This bill is similar to H.R. 6937, introduced last Congress with bipartisan support.  Mr. Buyer has made some improvements to the legislation to include the use of wind power and wood-based renewable fuels, as well as requiring a report on the installation of alternative fueling stations.