U.S. Congressman Steve Chabot 1st District of Ohio


Saving the Delta Queen
The Steamboat Exemption
Steve's View: “The Delta Queen is a living reminder of what life was like before highways and automobiles were used to transport goods and people from one city to another. It's an experience you can't get in a museum or from the history books - you have to live it and it's worth preserving.”

Eliminating Wasteful Spending
The STOP Resolution
Steve's View: “Lawmakers must recognize that the money we spend in Washington belongs to the taxpayers and that we have been entrusted by those we represent to make responsible decisions. That means reducing wasteful spending and cutting taxes so hardworking families can keep more of the money they earn.”

Strengthening Small Businesses
Small Business Extension Act
Steve's View: "Small businesses are the backbone of this economy. We must promote policies that encourage economic growth and foster an environment where entrepreneurs and their employees can prosper."

Targeting Internet Child Predators
The SAFE Act
Steve's View: "We must recognize that the Internet, while providing a world of opportunity to our children, has also contributed to a worldwide expansion of child pornography - allowing predators to more easily abuse, exploit, and prey on young children."

Protecting the Rights of Crime Victims
The Criminal Restitution Improvement Act
Steve's View: "We cannot afford to give the edge to criminals. At the federal level, we can look for ways to assist local law enforcement in better targeting criminals; and we can also do more to provide additional support to victims of crime."

Preventing Emergency Disaster Fraud
Emergency & Disaster Assistance Fraud Penalty Enhancement Act
Steve"s View: "The worst kind of fraud is that which is perpetrated on victims of a disaster. Every tax dollar that is wasted through fraud and abuse only serves to deepen the crisis and prevent the necessary resources from reaching those who need it the most."

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