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New Registrants may register; Existing Registrants may register new clients or report lobbying activity
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First Time Registrants

To register as a lobbyist for the first time, please review the Quick Tips below for information on completing LD forms, and required software. In addition, you must complete the first section of the LD1 form as listed below:

  1. Click the New Registrant checkbox if you are NOT registered for any lobbying
  2. Select whether you have ever registered for lobbying disclosure in the past
  3. Enter the Effective Date of Registration. This is the date the registrant is retained by the client or first makes a lobbying contact, whichever is earlier.

See an Example Form

Quick Tips

Before You Begin

Technical Requirements:



Completing Forms

Use the form functions to insert new pages.

Your form already contains functions to add pages, certify the document and remove unused pages. If you use the Adobe form features your document will be corrupted and you will have to fill it out again. See How to enter your information on forms and Using the form's built in buttons and actions for additional instructions.

Save the form before you sign it.

If you have problems filing it, you can go to the completed version and insert the signature line and filing buttons again.


Signing and Filing Forms

Use the form complete button to insert your signature.

The Form Complete process will insert the signature line and filing buttons for you. If you use the Adobe “Sign” function in the toolbar your form will not be accepted. See Preparing your forms for e-filing for more information on the Form Complete process.

Click the red arrow on the signature line to insert your signatures.

If you try to sign your document using the Signature Tab under Bookmarks in Adobe, you will disable the filing functions on your form.

Do not use personal signatures.

You must use an ACES Digital Signature to file your form with the House. The ACES digital signature obtained through either IdenTrust (formerly Digital Signature Trust) or Operational Research Consultants are the only types accepted by the Legislative Resource Center for lobbying disclosure filings at this time. See What is an ACES digital signature? for more information.

Do not try to file your form with the House and Senate at the same time.

You can file your completed form with both chambers, but they must be submitted separately. You should either sign and file with the House, or enter the Senate password and file with the Senate. You can use the back button on your browser to return to the form.