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 Gold Nano Anchors Put Nanowires in Their Place (New)
 Designing an Ultrasensitive 'Optical Nose' for Chemicals (New)
 Research Effort Seeks A’s to Gene Expression Q’s (New)
 Open Source Software Driver Can Improve PDA Security (New)
 NIST Requests Comments on Draft Federal ID Standard (New)
 Scientific American Dubs Jin 'Research Leader of the Year' (New)
 Gebbie Honored as a AAAS Fellow (New)
 New System ‘Sees’ Crimes on Audiotape
 New Software Judges Quality of Scanned Fingerprints
 NIST WTC Investigators Release Latest Research Findings
 NIST Releases House Repair Planning, Budgeting Software
 NIST Helps Capital Facilities Industry Join Information Revolution
 Latest Findings from NIST World Trade Center Investigation Released
Leading Collapse Sequence for Each WTC Tower Defined
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NIST News:

New System ‘Sees’ Crimes on Audiotape

3D rendering of an audio tape

A new NIST system enables criminal investigators to "see" signs of tampering in audiotapes while listening to the tapes. Read more.



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