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Alphabetical Listing

Abbey, Edward Paul
Abbot, Bud
Addams, Jane
Agnew, T. Spiro
Aiuppa, Joseph
Alcatraz Escape 6/3/98
Alcoholics Anonymous
American Nazi Party
Murder of Lillie Belle Allen
Allen, Gracie
Allen, Louis
Allen, Steve
Anastasia, Albert
Arden, Elizabeth
Armstrong, Louis
American Civil Liberties Union
American Deserters Committee
American Friends Service Committee 1/28/00
American GI Forum
American Nazi Party
American Nazi Party Monograph
American Negro Labor Congress
American POWs/MIAs in Southeast Asia 2/25/00 
Anderson, Billy Dean
Anderson, Jane
Anderson, Marion
Animal/Cattle Mutilation 1/12/98
Anti Imperialist League
Aquash, Anna Mae Pictou
Arnaz, Desi
Aryan Brotherhood 8/17/00
Aryan Circle
Aryan Nations
Ashe, Arthur
Astro, Vincent
Atlanta Child Murders 7/30/99
Atlanta FBI Field Office -- Hostage Situation 8/17/00 
Autry, Gene
Baby Face Nelson 6/3/98
Baker, Josephine 12/17/99 
Ball, Lucille 1/12/98
Bankhead, Talulah 10/22/03
Barker, Arthur
Barker, Fred
Barker, Herman
Barker-Karpis Gang (summary) 7/30/99
Barker, Kate "Ma"
Barker, Lloyd
Barnes, George "Machine Gun" Kelly (summary) 8/2/01
Baruch, Bernard
Beaty, John Owen 10/22/03
The Beatles
Belli, Melvin
Berlin, Irving 10/22/03
Black Bag Operations 10/22/03 
Black, Hugo 2/25/00 
Black Legion 7/30/99
Black Muslims 10/22/03
Black Panther Party-Winston Salem, NC 12/17/99
Black September
Black Stone Rangers 10/22/03
Blunt, Anthony 12/17/99
Bogart, Humphrey 10/22/03
Boggs, Thomas Hale
Bohm, Joseph 10/22/03
Boiardo, Ruggiero 10/22/03
Bono, Sonny
Bonnie and Clyde (summary) 6/3/98
Bonus March 8/17/00
Booth, John Wilkes 6/3/98
Borden, Lizzie
Bowtie (Profumo Matter) 9/30/99
Brecht, Bertolt 9/30/99
Bronfman, Samuel
Bundy, Theodore Robert 8/17/00
Burgess, McLean and Philby 7/9/99
Capone, Al 2/25/00 
Carmichael, Stokely
Chavez, Cesar and United Farm Workers 7/9/99 
Chevalier, Maurice
Christic Institute
Church Universal & Triumphant
Churchill, Winston 8/17/00 
Clergy and Laity Concerned about Vietnam 8/31/99
Clemente, Roberto
Cobb, Ty
Cohen, Morris and Lona
Cole, Nat King
Columbine High School
Common Cause/Citizens Lobbying Organization
Commonwealth College/Mena, Arkansas
Communist Infiltration-Motion Picture Industry (COMPIC) 5/31/00
Communist Political Association
Connor, Theophilus Eugene "Bull"
Cooper, D.B.
Cooper, Gary
Corso, Philip J.
Cosell, Howard
Costello, Lou
Council on Foreign Relations 8/17/00
Covenant, The, The Sword and The Arm of The Lord
Coward, Noel
Crips and Bloods Drug Gang
Currie, Laughlin
Custodial Detention 7/30/99 
Daily Worker 1/12/01
Dalitz, Morris "Moe" 8/17/00 
Dandridge, Dorthy
Darin, Bobby (a.k.a. Walden Robert Cassotto)
Darrow, Clarence 10/29/99
Davis, Sammy Jr.
Deacons for Defense and Justice 1/12/01
Dempsey, Jack
Denver, John
DeSalvo, Albert 1/12/01
Dies, Martin 1/28/00 
Dietrich, Marlene
Dillinger, John (Summary) 1/12/98 
DiMaggio, Joe
Disney, Walter Elias
Donovan, William J. 8/31/99
Doors, The
DuBois, W. E. B. 8/31/99
Duquesne, Frederick Joubert
Durante, Jimmy
Earhart, Amelia 7/24/97 
Erben, Herman F
Ehrlichman, John
Einstein, Albert 1/28/00
Eisler, Hanns 4/28/00 
Ellington, Edward Kennedy (Duke)
Extrasensory Perception
Evers, Medgar
Factor, John
Fairbanks, Douglas Jr.
Fard, Wallace D 6/3/98 
Faulkner, William 1/28/00 
FBI History
FBI Undercover Operations
FBI's Terrorist Photo Album (1973 - 1989)
Fitzgerald, Ella
Five Percenters 12/17/99 
Flegenheimer, Arthur (a.k.a. Dutch Shultz)
Flynn, Errol 6/3/98
Ford, Henry 12/17/99
Foster, Vincent W. Jr. (Missing Gun File/July 20, 1993)
Frechette, Evelyn
Freedom of Information-Privacy Acts Annual Statistical Report 12/17/99 
Freedom of Information-Privacy Acts Reference Manual 1/28/00
Fromm, Erich
Gable, Clark
Gacy, John Wayne 1/12/01
Galante, Carmine 1/12/01
Gambino, Carlo 7/30/99
Gangster Disciples
Garcia, Jerome "Jerry"
Gay Activists Alliance 12/17/99
Gaye, Marvin
Gehrig, Lou (Henry)
Genovese, Vito 1/12/01
Giancana, Sam 9/30/99
Grateful Dead
Greenlease Kidnapping (Summary) 1/12/01
Gropper, William
Guinness, Alec
Guthrie, Woodrow Wilson
Halen, Van
Hammarskjold, Dag
Hammer, Armand/Occidental Petroleum 9/30/99 
Hampton, Fred
Hanfstangl, Ernst Franz Sedwick (Putzi) 2/25/00 
Hart, Brooke L
Hayden, Sterling

Hayworth, Rita

Hearst, William Randolph Sr.
Hell's Angels 8/2/01
Hemingway, Ernest
Hendrix, James Marshall
Herskovits, Melville Jean
Higgins, James
Highlander Folk School 11/30/99
The Hindenburg Disaster 6/3/98
Hiss, Donald
Hitler, William Patrick & Brigid Elizabeth
Hoffman, Abbie (Abbott) 2/25/00
Holiday, Billie
Hollywood Anti Nazi League
Hoover, J. Edgar 9/30/99
Hopper, Hedda
Horkheimer, Max
Hottel, Guy (33-22-50)
Hudson, Rock
Huntley, Chet
Huxley, Aldous
I Love Lucy
Interpol 10/29/99
Jonestown Summary 7/30/99
Kennedy, John F., Jr. 8/17/00
Kennedy, Joseph P. 11/30/99
Kennedy, Robert F. 8/31/99
Kennedy, Robert F. Assassination (Summary) 8/31/99
Kent State University 12/17/99
Kinsey, Aflred C.
King, Martin Luther, Jr. 01/15/04
Korean Airline Flight 007 1/12/01
Krivitsky, Walter G. 11/30/99 
Ku Klux Klan 1/12/01
Lattimore, Owen 10/29/99
Lennon, John 6/3/98
Levine, Isaac Don
Levison, Stanley 10/29/99
Lewis, John L. 11/30/99
Lindbergh, Charles 11/30/99
Liston, Charles "Sonny"
Little, Malcolm X 11/30/99
Liuzzo, Viola Murder 11/30/99
London, Jack 1/28/00
Long, Huey 11/30/99

Lorre, Peter

Lowenthal, Leo
Luciano, Charles "Lucky" 1/12/01
Mafia Monograph 8/2/01
Majestic 12 1/12/98 
Mann, Thomas 2/25/00 
Mantle, Mickey 6/3/98
Marcantonio, Vito 1/28/00 
Marga, Ananda 5/31/00
Marshall, Thurgood 6/3/98
McCarthy, Joseph 1/28/00 
McGrath, Thomas
McKay, Claude
McKeithen, John Julian
McLuhan, Marshall
Meadors, James
Merton, Thomas
Mexican Mafia
Miami, Florida, 4/11/86 Shooting Incident 12/17/99 
Miburn (Mississippi Burning) 6/3/98
Mills, Wilbur Daigh
Milner, Ian Frank George
Mitchell, John
Monk, Thelonious
The Monkees
Monroe, Marilyn 2/15/01
Moore, Richard B
Moorish Science Temple of America 2/25/00 
Moran, Geroge "Bugs"
Morrison, James Douglas
Morton, Jelly Roll
Mostel, Zero
Motor City 5
Muhammad, Elijah 10/29/99
Murchison, Clint Jr.
Murchison, Clinton W. Sr.
Murphy, Audie
Murphy, Frank
Nation of Islam
National Alliance 12/17/99
National Association for the Advancement of White People (NAAWP)
National Association of Broadcasters
National Enquirer
National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena
National Organization for Women
National Rifle Association
National States Rights Party
Neel, Alice
Neff, Walter T
Ness, Eliot 6/3/98
New Alliance Party
New Zionist Organization
Newton, Huey P. (Partial Release)
Newton, Silas
Nin, Anais
Nitti, Frank
Nixon, Richard -- FBI Application
Non Sectarian Anti-Natzi League
Norris, Geroge W.
Nureyev, Rudolph 7/9/99
Oakes, Harry Sir
Ochs, Philip David
O'Hair, Madalyn Murray
O'Keeffe, Georgia
Oleoresin Capsicum
Onassis, Aristotle 1/28/00
Onassis, Jacqueline Kennedy 1/28/00 
Oppenheimer, Katherine
The Order
Original Knights of the KU Klux Klan (Partial Release)
Orwell, George 1/28/00 
Osage Indian Murders 11/30/99
Otash, Fred
Oughton, Diana
Owens, Jesse
Page, Leroy "Satchel"
Pan Am Flight 103
Parker, Dorthy
Parker, Mack Charles 5/31/00 
Parsons, John 12/17/99
Parsons, Louella Oettinger
Patton, George S. Jr.
Pawley, William Douglas
Peekskill Riots
Peieris, Rudolph and Eugenia
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Perez, Leander
Perkins, Frances
Persico, Carmine John Jr.
Picasso, Pablo 6/3/98
Pickford, Mary
Ponge-Verber/Espionage Case
Pope, Generosa Jr.
Porter, Cole
Porter, Katherine Anne
Posse Comitatus 4/28/00 
Powell, William
Powers, Francis Gary
Presley, Elvis 7/24/97
Pretty Boy Floyd and Kansas Massacre (Summary) 8/31/99
Price, Byron
Price, Vincent
Profaci, Joseph
Project Blue Book 7/24/97
Purple Gang 8/2/01
Purvis, Melvin 10/29/99
Quinn, Anthony
Raft, George
Rand, Ayn
Rankin, Jeannette
Ray, Dixie Lee
Rebozo, Charles
Reeser, Mary Hardy
Reich, Wilhelm 2/25/00 
Reles, Abe
Reston, James
Rockefeller, Nelson 2/25/00 
Robeson, Paul and Eslanda 6/3/98
Robinson, Jackie 7/24/97
Rogers, Will 6/3/98
Roosevelt, Eleanor 4/28/00 
Roosevelt Franklin D. (assassination attempt) 7/20/01
Roselli, John 5/31/00
Rosenberg, Julius and Ethel (Summary) 1/12/98
Roswell 1/12/98
Rudolph, Arthur 12/17/99 
Rukeyser, Muriel 2/25/00 
Sacco/Vanzetti Case 11/30/99 
St. Valentine's Day Massacre 1/12/98
Siegel, Bugsy 1/28/00 
Silvermaster, Nathan Gregory 2/25/00  
Sinatra, Frank 4/18/01
Smith, Clarence 13X 7/24/97
Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion 7/20/01
Spellman, Francis Cardinal 6/3/98
Spilotro, Anthony 7/20/01
Steinbeck, John 9/30/99  
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee 2/25/00 
Supreme Court 1/28/00
Surreptitious Entries 12/17/99
Telephone Logs/Appointments/Calendars of J. Edgar Hoover 4/28/00
Tesla, Nikola 6/3/98
Tolson, Clyde 1/28/00 
Tresca, Carlo 2/25/00 
Trotsky, Leon 6/3/98
Unidentified Flying Objects 1/12/98
Venona 2/3/99
Von Braun, Wernher 7/30/99
Watergate 4/28/00 
Wayne, John 1/12/98
Weatherman Underground 2/3/99
Wilkins, Roy 1/28/00
Winchell, Walter7/30/99
Windsor, Duke and Duchess12/9/02
Wright, Richard Nathaniel 12/17/99
Young Communist League 8/2/01
Zwillman, Abner "Longie" 4/28/00 


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