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For Kids Only Games!
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Kids Only Game Time!

Droplet and the Water Cycle Droplet and the Water Cycle
Avoid pitfalls and predators while you navigate a Droplet through several challenging levels of the hydrological cycle.
What on Earth?: The Next Challenge
Revised with New Questions! We've updated our popular "What on Earth" quiz game and have added a new set of questions to test your Earth Science skills. Once again, all the answers may be found somewhere on our site. The previous version of the game may be accessed from the link below.
Word Search Puzzles
Click on one of the links below to search for hidden earth science words about the following subjects (Java Required):
Air Pressure | Hurricanes | Plate Tectonics | TRMM Satellite
Drag 'n Drop Puzzles
Click on one of the links below to test your ability to interpret satellite and composite images.   Click and drag the pieces to the correct location in order to finish each puzzle. (Java Required.)
Air | Water | Land | Natural Hazards |People
What on Earth?
Ready for the challenge?  Test your knowledge of Earth Science with our classic trivia game.  Feeling a little rusty?  Check out the content-rich sections on our site, all of the answers can be found here! (Javascript Required.)
Pangaea Map Game
Did you know that Africa used to be next to South America? If you did, maybe you can locate the rest of the modern day continents on a Map of Pangaea!(Shockwave Required.)
Tectonics Quiz Game
So you think you know all you need to know about plate tectonics and earthquakes? Well now you can test your knowledge at the On the Move quiz game! (Shockwave Required.)
Color Me!
Differences in color tell you a lot about the data NASA is collecting about the Earth. Try your hand at coloring these ESE pictures. (You will need a Java enabled browser to color on-line.).

More to Color...
NASA launches satellite spacecraft. in order to provide data that is useful in the study of the Earth. You can find out about NASA Satellites right here. Each coloring page shows you where to get more information about each particular satellite! (You will need a Java enabled browser to color on-line).


Updated: March 1, 2004