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NASA Educational Links

Aero Design Team Online
Students and the general public can visit this website to find out how aeronautical engineers use airplane models, wind tunnels, supercomputers, simulators and other tools during the airplane design cycle.

Earth Observing System - Education
The Earth Observing System, or EOS, is a NASA program organized through the Earth Science Enterprise, designed to gather earth science data via various satellites in low orbit around the earth. This site focuses on providing earth science-related resources and information to users.

Amelia the Pigeon new
Amelia the Pigeon takes flight! NASA Launches a new educational multimedia adventure.

Echo the Bat new
This fun site demonstrates through puzzles and activities, how bats use radar to 'map' their surroundings. This site is a great way to learn how satellites use radar and other technologies to map the earth from space!

The GLOBE Program
The Vice President's initiative on global environmental education. The program focuses on K-12 students and provides an opportunity for students to gather scientific data which will be used by earth scientists.

Kids & Teachers
NASA Ames Research Center sponsored educational outreach activities. The goals of this site are to stimulate student interest in science, mathematics, and technology; to attract students to career paths in these areas; and to enhance the knowledge and skills of faculty at all levels.

ISS EarthKAM (Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle school students) is a NASA education program which enables students, teachers and the public to learn about Earth from the unique perspective of space. At the core of the program is a spectacular collection of digital images of Earth.

NASA's Observatorium
NASA's Observatorium is a public access site for Earth and space data. We have pictures of the Earth, planets, stars, and other cool stuff, as well as the stories behind those images.

Practical Uses of Math And Science Home Page
The on-line journal of math and science examples for pre-college education.

Quest: NASA K-12 Internet Initiative
This site focuses on using the Internet for teaching science in the classroom.

A web-based educational resource for teachers who want to learn more about Aeronautics and Space Exploration.

Top Down Project Title Page
The Top Down Project is a NASA-sponsored project which seeks to examine the biosphere (that part of our planet where life is found) from space down to the surface, using lessons designed for grade-school students, in order to teach them about the earth.

Volcano World
All things volcanic are found at this NASA-sponsored page.

Ask the Experts


Science Talent Searchnew
Intel Corporation sponsors a nation-wide competition where students complete high level research projects and win national recognition, adminission to America's top universities and significant financial assistance.

Activities and Games!

Amazing Space Web-Based Activities
Space-related activities for kids.

Ames Aerospace Encounter
Created especially for 4th-6th grade students, this program was designed by scientists at the Ames Research Center to be an interactive Aerospace adventure.

Activities site containing on-line games, stories, interactive sessions, coloring book, and a Cadet Academy. Also highlights stories written by, about, and for kids and how they relate to space. Brought to you from our friends at Marshall Space Flight Center.

Space Place for Kids
Make Spacey Things, Do Spacey Things, Space Science in Action, Amazing Facts from Dr. Marc, and Our Friends Share

U.S. Spacecamp
This is the home page for U.S. Space Camp and associated programs.

Volcano World Virtual Field Trips
Field trips with a special focus on the geologic.


Educating.net is an award-winning educational site chock full of links to interesting and fun sites on the Internet. They featured the ESE For Kids Only site, so they must be good!
In their own words:
"Educating.net is the only education portal that offers complete opportunities for training in all areas of life. Educating.net is unique in all of the Internet because we use real human intelligence to seek out websites, visit them, write a concise summary of the site, then categorize and add itö but only if the site meets our high standards. No computer search engine can match the quality, accuracy, and completeness of our education portal."
Earthshots is a collection of Landsat images and text, designed to show environmental changes and to introduce remote sensing. Images from other satellites, maps, and photographs are also included. Earthshots comes from the U.S. Geological Survey's EROS Data Center, the world's largest archive of earth science data.

Newton's Apple
A web page based on the well-known science show from public television.

Real Cool Inventions
A summary of NASA Spinoffs. NASA Spinoffs refer to NASA developed technology that is being used in industry, academia, or other parts of the government.

Satellite images of volcanos, Antarctica, and many others. Plus, 3D satellite images of San Francisco and other cool pictures!

TOPEX/Poseidon Main Screen
The TOPEX/Poseidon satellite web page. It is used to monitor global ocean circulation, discover the tie between the oceans and atmosphere, and improve global climate predictions.

The Why Files
The science behind the news, packaged especially for kids.

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