Letters of Support

Below please find letters of support for legislation introduced by Congressman Price in the 114th Congress.


H.R. 3222 - the Employee Rights Act would:


  • Require a majority of all union members, not simply a majority of those who cast ballots, to unionize.
  • Guarantee that all employees have a right to a secret ballot election, protecting workers from coercion.
  • Mandate opt-in permission for each union member to utilize his or her union dues for any activity other than collective bargaining.
  • Direct all unionized workplaces to hold periodic secret ballot referendums to determine if employees wish to remain with their current union.
  • Safeguard worker privacy by granting him or her the ability to opt out sharing of his or her personal information with a union during an organizing campaign.
  • Prohibit unions from intimidating employees from exercising their rights, including the right to decertify a union.
  • Ensure the majority of all workers in a union have a right to a secret ballot vote before a union can declare a strike.
  • Protect employees by banning violence or the threat of violence by unions.


Support for the Employee Rights Act


  • Americans for Prosperity: Click here to read their support letter.


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