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Democrats Pledge Supreme Court Obstruction

Democratic leader Schumer has already promised to try to block President-elect Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. This obstruction would do a disservice to the American people and the Senate. Senate Democrats should follow Republicans’ example and afford a full and fair process to the Supreme Court nominees of a new president. 


December 2016 Jobs Report

The Department of Labor reported an unemployment rate of 4.7 percent for December, up 0.1 percent from last month. Employment growth averaged 180,000 per month in 2016, down from 229,000 per month in 2015.


Senator Sessions: A Record of Integrity

Given his experience and distinguished record, a number of respected people and groups have issued statements strongly supporting Senator Sessions’ nomination to be U.S. attorney general.


H.R. 2028 – FY 2017 Continuing Resolution

The bill extends funding for 11 of the 12 appropriations bills through April 28, 2017. The Military Construction/Veterans Affairs appropriations bill was enacted in September along with the first CR, so those activities are already funded for the remainder of fiscal year 2017.


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