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  1. ...and nothing on immigration. Is it any wonder nobody trusts the media anymore?

  2. One key takeaway...NBC's Lester Holt gave us a birther question, a Trump tax return question, only 20 seconds on Hillary's emails...

  3. 15 minutes left...anyone else interested in an immigration question?

  4. It's a problem that won't be fixed until we have school choice.

  5. Hillary is wrong: race does NOT determine where you go to school. The government does. They control the monopoly on education.

  6. In all honesty, the Dems have ZERO credibility on the issue of the debt. GOP is weak, for sure. But NO ONE believes she cares about the debt

  7. OK...maybe a deeper insight here. Hillary is trying to make the case that she is more fiscally responsible on the debt than Trump.

  8. So she wants to take credit for the goods part of NAFTA and blame the bad parts on someone else?

  9. Maybe Hillary needs to come see Lancaster County. And Chester. And Fairfield before she defends NAFTA.

  10. Hang on...incomes went up for everyone in the 1990s? Did anyone reading this used to work for Springs?

  11. I appreciate the fact that Trump is willing to embrace his business success. That used to be appreciated in this country.

  12. Clinton doesn't like "trickle down economics." She apparently prefers "trickle down government."

  13. As many of you might know, I am an early-to-bed-early-to-rise kind of guy, so a debate that starts at 9 pm is a problem for me to begin with

  14. speaking at our Constitution Day event!

  15. I'll be on at 4:30 pm to talk about

  16. Looking forward to catching up w' on around 11am.Talking upcoming lame duck session.Tune in:

  17. If you have kids in Kershaw, Fairfield, Lee, or Newberry schools, take a look at this

  18. MORE scenes from the crash on I-77 in Chester County at this link: (pics from )

  19. This is the "parking lot" on I-77 south in Chester County. It will be hours before the road reopens.

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