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9/29/2010 - Highlights
Committee Republicans Issue Report: "The Wrong Way Congress"
The Democratic Majority took America in the wrong direction with the wrong bills in the wrong way at the wrong time. The Majority once promised to take us in a "new direction." Instead, they have gone the wrong way.   more...
5/17/2010 - Highlights
Budget Reference Manual — Points of Order in the House

Today, the House Rules Committee Republicans released a new reference guide entitled Points of Order in the House Related to the Budget Act. This volume is intended to serve as an easy to use reference for questions about points of order arising under the Budget Act and House Rules, particularly as they relate to spending and revenues.   more...
3/21/2010 - Highlights
From the “Slaughter Solution” to “Supermax” — The Rule for Debating the Health Care bill

While the Democratic leadership has abandoned the “Slaughter Solution” of “deem and enact” for their health care plan, they weren’t content to allow debate to continue according to the Rules of the House. Rather, they expanded their use of the “lock-down” procedures that have become commonplace in rules under the Democratic Majority to even further limit the Minority’s ability to participate in the process. While both parties have used many of these tools individually in the past, we have never before seen them used in tandem. Thus, the Majority has graduated from merely “locking-down” debate in the House to the procedural equivalent of a “Supermax” prison.   more...
3/15/2010 - Highlights
The Slaughter Solution: Bending the Rules Beyond Belief

In this memorandum from Rules Committee Ranking Republican David Dreier, he explains the Democratic Majority's predicament on health care legislation: "The Democratic Majority has a problem with their efforts to pass healthcare legislation, and it’s political: they simply do not have enough Members in the House willing to vote for the Senate-passed healthcare bill. That’s understandable because it’s an awful bill loaded with special interest provisions. To solve their political problem, they’re looking for a procedural solution. That’s where the Rules Committee comes in."   more...
7/29/2009 - Highlights
“Opportunities Lost” – An Examination of the Breakdown of the Appropriations Process
The House Rules Committee Republicans released a report today outlining the breakdown of the appropriations process this year under the restrictive limits imposed by the Democratic majority. “Opportunities Lost” examines the appropriations process from 1992 to present and lays out the facts about how this year’s handling of these privileged bills differs from past consideration under Democratic and Republican majorities, as well as the real reasons behind Democratic majority’s crackdown.   more...

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