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9/16/2010 - Process Foul
Dems Pledge “Spirited Debate” on Tax Hikes in the One Place They Can’t Lose – The Rules Committee 
As more and more House Democrats publicly oppose the coming tax hikes being pushed by their own leadership, the Chairwoman of the House Rules Committee has pledged to hold a “spirited debate” in the one venue where the Majority is confident in their ability to rig the outcome – the House Rules Committee.   more...
8/9/2010 - Process Foul
Playing the Shell Game: Democratic Rush to Judgment Leads to Sloppy Governance

Last week, the Speaker notified the House that she was using her emergency authority to call Members back to vote on an education “jobs” bill that the Washington Post called “an election-year favor for teachers unions” rather than a good use of taxpayer dollars. So what’s this important bill called? As it turns out, it’s called the “_______ Act of _______.”   more...
7/30/2010 - Process Foul
Dems’ Summer of Inaction, Disarray Draws to a Messy Close 
After failing to pass a budget and barely getting started on their appropriations work three months late, House Democrats left for the August break today in typically sloppy fashion.  In their rush to look like they’re “doing something” to help small businesses suffering from their job-killing agenda or deal with the aftermath of the BP oil spill that occurred more than 100 days ago, the Majority further exposed their inability to “do anything” well.  Running roughshod over their own promises of openness, transparency, and effectiveness, the Majority abused the use of the suspension process and ran afoul of their own earmark rules by filing an inaccurate bill report.   more...
7/1/2010 - Process Foul
Dems’ Deeming Scheme Isn’t a Budget, It’s an Excuse
Unable and unwilling to perform the most basic responsibility of governing, the Democratic Majority has instead put forward today a “budget enforcement resolution” that is long on self-congratulatory rhetoric and short on real fiscal responsibility.  In reality, this “deeming scheme” does nothing to solve our nation’s fiscal crisis and actually tries to sell a $31 billion increase in funding as a “freeze.”  What's worse, the Majority Leadership chose to use the legislation that should be funding our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, but is going nowhere thanks to intraparty squabbles, to deem this evasion of fiscal responsibility.   more...
6/28/2010 - Process Foul
Calling It a Budget Does Not Make It So – Dems’ Deeming Scheme Exposed by Budget Act 
It’s not exactly breaking news that the Democratic Majority won’t pass a budget this year, but their inability to actually own up to it continues to amuse.  Rather than accept their failure to govern, the Democratic Leadership insists on referring to their deeming scheme as a “budget” or “budget enforcement resolution.”  The fact is, no amount of rebranding can change the fact that the House will NOT be considering a budget.  You see, a budget is clearly defined in the Congressional Budget Act of 1974.  What’s being bandied about is NOT a budget.  Let’s go to the Budget Act.   more...

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