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Who Are the New Dems?

The New Democrats inherit a proud tradition of fiscally-responsible, tech-savvy Democrats willing to make the tough choices today to build a brighter tomorrow.
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Championing Digital Learning

Read how we're working in a bipartisan fashion to ensure that every American child has access to top-quality, next-generation classroom technology.
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About the New Dems

Founded in 1997, the New Democrat Coalition is dedicated to maintaining America's standing as the world's strongest, most successful nation. Over the seventeen-year history of the Coalition, the group has grown in influence and size, currently covering over one-fourth of the House Democratic Caucus.

A fiscally-responsible, moderate bloc of lawmakers dedicated to policies that foster American success, the New Democrat Coalition is a vehicle for the millions of Americans who feel unrepresented in today's broken political process. 

New Democrat Coalition Chair

Rep. Ron Kind (WI-03)