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Taxes & Federal Spending

Rep. Myrick believes taxes burden families, businesses, and economic growth. In our current economic climate, lower taxes mean more money in the wallets of Americans and more money for investments by small businesses.  There is no such thing as government money - it's your money, and Congress needs to stop spending it on wasteful programs.  

Rep. Myrick is a true fiscal conservative when it comes to spending.  Since coming to Congress in 1995, she has fought government spending by routinely voting against spending increases and by attempting to abolish government programs that are repetitive and unnecessary.  She believes Congress needs to take the lead in promoting fiscal discipline and eliminating wasteful government spending in order for the federal government to become smaller and more efficient. 
Rep. Myrick also believes that our nation is in need of significant tax reform that will boost our economy and create jobs. She supports a simplified tax code that not only eliminates loopholes but also reduces overall rates. 
Tax Relief
  • Rep. Myrick has voted to lower personal income taxes for ALL Americans.
  • Rep. Myrick has voted to eliminate the Death Tax that affects small business and family farmers
  • Rep. Myrick has voted to end the Alternative Minimum Tax that would have affected millions of middle class Americans.
  • Rep. Myrick has voted to eliminate the Capital Gains Tax
  • Rep. Myrick has voted to end the Marriage Penalty Tax that affects every married couple in the U.S.
In the 112th Congress, Rep. Myrick has voted to save taxpayers billions of dollars by:
  • Eliminating earmarks
  • Slashing the budget of Congress itself
  • Repealing the health care law
  • Cutting non-defense spending to 2008 levels
Each week, Congress will vote to cut spending even further thanks to the YouCut program.  YouCut allows citizens to vote on where they'd like to see spending cuts.  The winning proposal each week is then voted on by the House of Representatives.
Rep. Myrick has voted for budget enforcements to make it harder to increase spending, such as mandatory spending caps and automatic budget reductions.