You Choose What to Cut

The national debt has grown to more than $13 trillion. That means every U.S. citizen –man, woman and child – owes $42,025. Our deficit this coming year is $1.3 trillion, and that level is projected for years to come. Out of every $100 in federal taxes, $6 goes to interest on the debt. At the rate we are spending and borrowing, by 2018 that number could jump to $15 out of every $100.

How did we get here? Years of fiscal mismanagement by both Congress and the administration. In the 1990s, Congress balanced the budget, which if we had kept on track, would have slowly eaten away at our debt. Unfortunately, that is not what happened. Republicans certainly participated in the problem, but the last two years have seen an explosion of spending, which I have opposed. Congress must take a stand now that we will rein in this runaway spending. The Congressional Budget Office has warned that unless spending and borrowing are reduced, the terrible debt may overwhelm the American economy in the decades ahead. Unfortunately, the current congressional majority continues to spend with abandon.  Fiscal accountability and responsibility must start sometime, and that time is long overdue. All Americans can be part of the solution through participating in two initiatives. Click on the links below to get started:

-         YouCut  gives you an opportunity to vote on what federal programs to cut.

-         America Speaking Out is an open forum for Americans to speak to their political representation.

In the months ahead, House Republicans will work to bring the most popular ideas to the floor for a vote.  I look forward to working with you and Americans across the country to address our fiscal crisis.