Committee Assignments

Appropriations Committee
The Appropriations Committee is responsible for approving expenditures made from the Federal treasury. The Committee also writes annual appropriations bills that allow federal funds to be disbursed through a variety of government organizations, agencies and departments. I am a member of six subcommittees -- Agriculture, Commerce-Justice-Science and Related Agencies, Transportation, Labor-Health and Human Services-Education, Interior and Defense. Through these panels, I work to make critical investments that benefit the people of Wisconsin.
Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
The Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs oversees policy relating to banks, credit unions, insurance, housing and transit.  As a member of this committee, I will work to ensure that our financial system becomes safe and sound and that regulators have the proper oversight and enforcement authority to avoid a large scale crisis again. I will also work to better protect consumers, create more affordable housing opportunities for families and bring our nation’s transit system into the 21st century.
Judiciary Committee
The Senate Judiciary Committee has oversight of the US Department of Justice, and also is responsible for monitoring antitrust, criminal justice, anti-terrorism and Constitutional rights. In addition, the Committee reviews all judicial appointments. As a member of this panel, I have worked to strengthen crime prevention programs, protect consumers from anti-competitive behavior and bolster efforts to prevent terrorism.
Special Committee on Aging
As Chairman of the Aging Committee, I explore and investigate issues that concern all elderly Americans. In today's economy, many seniors are struggling to meet rising health care and prescription drug costs. They are bearing more risk in their pension plans and are coping with new challenges that stand in the way of a secure retirement. And as Hurricane Katrina taught us, we are now aware that seniors are often overlooked in our nation's emergency response plans.