US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations



Date Time Location
12/13/12 10:00 AM Terrorist Networks in Pakistan and the Proliferation of IEDs Senate Dirksen 419 and SVC-217
12/05/12 09:00 AM Assessing Developments in Mali: Restoring Democracy and Reclaiming the North Senate Dirksen 419


Date Time Location
11/28/12 02:00 PM Nomination Senate Dirksen 419
11/28/12 10:00 AM Evaluating Current U.S. Global Food Security Efforts and Determining Future U.S. Leadership Opportunities Senate Dirksen 419
11/27/12 10:00 AM TOP SECRET/CLOSED: Update on Arms Control Matters SVC-217


Date Time Location
09/20/12 02:00 PM Maritime Territorial Disputes and Sovereignty Issues in Asia Senate Dirksen 419
09/20/12 08:30 AM CANCELLED: Security of U.S. Diplomatic and Consular Missions SVC-217
09/19/12 02:15 PM Business Meeting S-116 Capitol Building
09/19/12 09:30 AM Nomination Senate Dirksen 419
09/13/12 10:30 AM Nomination Senate Dirksen 419
09/12/12 02:45 PM Nomination Senate Dirksen 419
09/12/12 10:00 AM TOP SECRET/CLOSED: Intelligence Update on Syria and Iran SVC-217
09/11/12 02:15 PM CANCELLED: Business Meeting S-116 Capitol Building


Date Time Location
08/01/12 02:30 PM The Future of the Eurozone: Outlook and Lessons Senate Dirksen 419
08/01/12 10:00 AM Next Steps in Syria Senate Dirksen 419

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