California's 41st Congressional District

The 41st Congressional District covers most of San Bernardino County which includes the easternmost suburbs of the greater Los Angeles region, as well as the fast-growing communities in the Mojave Desert. It stretches east to the Nevada border, taking in vast desert and mountain vistas.

The urban southwestern corner of the district lies at the foot of the San Bernardino Mountain range, whose snow-capped peaks provide a majestic backdrop to sunny Southern California. East San Bernardino Valley cities include San Bernardino, Loma Linda, Highland, Redlands and Yucaipa – each a distinct community. The mountains provide year-round recreation for millions of hikers, skiers and boaters from throughout Southern California, served by communities like Crestline, Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake. Nationally-known ski resorts include Snow Summit and Bear Mountain.

Beyond the San Bernardino Mountains, the stark beauty of the Mojave Desert stretches hundreds of miles to the Colorado River and the Sierra Nevada With an average elevation of nearly 4,000 feet, California's Mojave Desert is called the “high desert.” The portion of the desert nearest San Bernardino has some of the fastest-growing communities in California, including Hesperia and Apple Valley.

The desert is also home to vitally important military posts, including the Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command.

Some of the nation's most beautiful desert scenery has been preserved in Joshua Tree National Park. Joshua Tree forests, fantastically colored desert mountains, California bighorn sheep and the desert tortoise are all natural wonders that can be viewed in this vast desert park. The park is served by the growing desert communities of Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley and Twentynine Palms.