Committee on Education and Labor - U.S. House of Representatives

Retirement Security

Every American deserves a secure retirement after a lifetime of hard work. The Committee on Education and Labor is committed to providing workers with the tools they need to support themselves during retirement. Chairman Miller believes we must preserve and strengthen 401(k)-style and other retirement plans.

Committee Passes 401(k) Bill

On Wednesday, April 16, the House Education and Labor Committee passed the 401(k) Fair Disclosure for Retirement Security Act (H.R. 3185), legislation to ensure that American workers have clear and complete information about fees that could be cutting deeply into their 401(k)-style retirement savings. For more information on the bill »

Miller Introduces Act to Protect Airline Pilots' Pension Benefits

Chairman Miller introduced the "Pilots Equitable Treatment Act" on May 2, 2007, to end an unfair inconsistency in federal regulations that can lead to deep cuts in commercial airline pilots' pension benefits. More »