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Higher Education

The rising cost of a college education is squeezing millions of students and families who rely on access to an affordable education to compete in the competitive job market and to preserve their quality of life. As the cost of college outstrips middle class Americans' ability to pay, too many students are forced to take on high loan debt burdens and work long hours that interfere with their academic study. (Tips on how to apply for federal student loans and grants »)

House Overwhelmingly Passes Higher Education Bill

ENDA photoThe College Opportunity and Affordability Act, the comprehensive reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, passed the House on February 7, by a vote of 354-58. The bill addresses the soaring price of college and removes other obstacles that make it harder for qualified students to go to college. More on the bill »

In 2007, the House passed the Student Loan Sunshine Act and the Pell Grant Equity Act, which are both included in the College Opportunity and Affordability Act.

Historic College Aid Bill Signed into Law

On September 27, 2007 the College Cost Reduction and Access Act was signed into law. The bill, H.R. 2669, will boost college financial aid by roughly $20 billion over the following five years -- representing the greatest effort to help students and parents pay for college since the GI Bill of 1944.
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GAO Report Underscores Administration's Failures to Safeguard Federal Student Loan Program

The U.S. Department of Education has failed to safeguard the nation’s federal student loan programs and should immediately increase its oversight of lenders and schools and fully enforce the law, government investigators concluded in a new report released by Reps. George Miller and Dale E. Kildee, and Sens. Edward M. Kennedy and Dick Durbin. More »

Protecting Students and Families from Unethical Student Lender Practices

Democrats have been working to clean up the student loan industry, calling for emergency reforms in student loan industry and conducting investigations of conflicts of interest. More about efforts to protect students and families »