U.S. Congressman Steve Chabot 1st District of Ohio

Constituent Casework

My office can provide assistance to constituents in the First Congressional District who have questions or have experienced problems with a federal government agency. Providing excellent constituent service is a personal priority of mine. Whenever possible, and consistent with all applicable laws and regulations, I will exhaust every avenue available to cut through the maze of bureaucratic "red tape" to assist you.

As your Congressman, I cannot order an executive branch agency to change its rules or decide a matter in a constituent's favor. However, I can make sure that every appropriate consideration is given in a timely manner. Some of the areas in which my office can offer assistance include:

Veteran's Affairs --- Questions regarding claims for VA pensions, widows and survivors benefits, disability benefits, the VA Hospital, VA mortgage loans, and college benefits (Montgomery Bill) can be directed to my Constituent Liaison to the Veteran's Administration. Requests for military medals and military records can also be submitted through my office.

Social Security --- Questions regarding claims for Social Security Retirement, Social Security Disability Income, Supplemental Security Income, and Medicare can be directed to my Constituent Liaison to the Social Security Administration. Requests for copies of earnings statements can also be submitted through my office.

Immigration & Naturalization --- Questions regarding petitions for immigrant/non-immigrant visas, U.S. citizenship, international adoptions, visitor exchange/AuPair programs, and overseas travel information can be directed to my Constituent Liaison to the Immigration & Naturalization Service.

Internal Revenue Service --- Requests for tax forms and general information regarding IRS policies and procedures can be directed to my Constituent Liaison to the Internal Revenue Service. Assistance with the problem resolution process and offer and compromise phases can also be provided.

Service Academy Appointments --- A congressional nomination is required for admission into the prestigious U.S. Military Academies: West Point, the Naval Academy, the Air Force Academy, the Coast Guard Academy, and the Merchant Marine Academy. Interested high school juniors should contact my office to receive an information packet.

Housing & Urban Development --- HUD offers a variety of programs for eligible applicants for housing assistance. Questions regarding HUD Housing Certificates/Voucher Program, Section 8 Certificate status, and HUD mortgage loans can be directed to my Constituent Liaison to the Department of Housing & Urban

Federal Workers Compensation --- Current or former federal employees may contact my office to obtain the status of your claim, scheduled award or appeal.

Passports --- Constituents must provide very specific information and documentation when applying for a passport. My office can assist constituents with new applications, passport renewal, replacement of a lost or stolen passport, amendment to a passport,
and expediting a passport.

If you are having difficulty with a federal government agency or the federal bureaucracy, we may be able to help. Please fill out a privacy release waiver (Requires Acrobat Reader) and send it, along with an explanation of the problem to my office:

Congressman Steve Chabot
3003 Carew Tower
441 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
(513) 684-2723
(513) 421-8722 (fax)

Once I have received your written release and any supporting documentation, I will contact the appropriate federal agency on your behalf. I will push for a quick response, however, agencies usually respond in 30-45 days. This is a standard agency guideline, but may vary depending on the complexity or urgency of individual cases. When an agency response is received, you will be notified by phone or letter. If your case does not result in a favorable outcome, information about how to file an appeal or further steps you may want to take will be included.

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