U.S. Congressman Steve Chabot 1st District of Ohio

Page Program

Members of Congress are allowed to nominate one student from their district for the Page Program. Out of all the nominees from Republican Members, the Speaker of the House selects those who will participate in the program. Republican Members are allotted only 66 pages. As a result, the selection process is highly competitive.

Participation in the Page Program is an exciting experience which provides students with an excellent chance to learn about the legislative branch of our government. Pages serve in the U.S. Capitol under the direction of the Speaker's Office. Their duties consist of a wide variety of activities which assist the Members in their daily functions.

Pages continue their academic pursuit at the Page School. The Page School's curriculum is consistent with that of the junior year course of study at most high schools. All pages reside at the Page Residence Hall under the supervision of a residential staff advisor. All room and board fees are paid, and, in addition, pages receive a small stipend for the work.

High school sophomores are eligible to apply for the Page Program. Most pages spend their junior year of study in Washington, DC. There are, however, two summer sessions for which current juniors are eligible. Summer pages do not attend the Page School.

Given the fast-paced nature of legislative service, page applicants must meet fairly high academic standards. Students must be at least 16 years of age and a high school junior at the time their appointment begins. They must have a cumulative grade point average of "B" or better in all major subject areas. An application, an essay addressing their desire to be a page, and letters of recommendation are also required.

All qualified students are encouraged to apply as this is a unique opportunity to actively contribute to the legislative process. Congressman Chabot looks forward to recommending one of the First District's brightest students again this year.

Those interested in the Page Program should contact:

Congressman Steve Chabot
3003 Carew Tower
441 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Please also feel free to call my office at (513) 684-2723 if you have any questions.

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