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Q:  I am interesting in pursing a congressional nomination from Representative Deborah Pryce.  What are the requirements?

A: In order to be considered for a congressional nomination you must be a U.S. citizen, unmarried with no dependants, of good moral character, at least 17 years of age but less than 23 by July 1 of the year you plan to enter the Academy and have strong academic, leadership, physical and medical credentials.  Additionally, you must reside in the 15th Congressional District of Ohio.

Q:  What materials do I need to submit to Representative Deborah Pryce in order to be considered for a nomination?

A:  To be considered for a nomination to a United States Service Academy you must submit a completed application for the academy in which you wish to apply. Submit a 2" X 2" photo, an official transcript and SAT/ACT test scores, and 3 letters of recommendation from individuals who know you but are not related to you.

Q:  When are these materials due?

A:  These materials must be received by November 1, 2005 if you are applying for admission to a Service Academy in 2006.

Q:  How do I get a U.S. Service Academy Information Packet and application?

A:  If you are interested in obtaining these materials, please contact Representative Deborah Pryce's District Office at (614) 469-5614 or by mail at: 500 South Front Street, Suite 1130, Columbus, Ohio 43215.

Q:  Can I apply for a nomination to more than one U.S. Service Academy?

A:  Yes, the application kit allows prospective applicants to apply for nominations to all of the Academies.

Q:  I am interested in having my ACT/SAT test scores sent directly to Representative Deborah Pryce's office. What are the test codes for her office?

A:  The codes for Representative Pryce's office are as follows: ACT 7611 and SAT 1948.

Q:  Does Representative Pryce require applicants to be interviewed?

A:  Yes, interviews for the upcoming cycle of applicants will be conducted in Representative Pryce's District Office by the United States Service Academy Screening Committee. Please contact my office for interview dates and times.

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