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Researching the effects of underwater hydrothermal venting systems
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  Data and Maps  

NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory Vents Program maintains numerous data bases related to the research and exploration of hydrothermal vent processes. Many of the research data sets are provided here to in formats which can be used with GMT, GIS and other software.

  Vents Autochart/Autoseismic Make a bathymetric map with or whithout earthquake location sources overlaid.  

Autochart is a GMT-based custom bathymetric map generator from Vents Programs' Northeast Pacific multibeam data base, satellite-dervied bathymetry or DBDB5 data. Earthquake source locations from NOAA's hydroacoustic monitoring project can also be superimposed on the maps (Autoseismic).

. Data:      
  Hydrophone Data:
  3 methods to ftp hydrophone data
  Pioneer Seamount Acoustics Data Retrieval .  ftp Pioneer raw hydrophone data
  Earthquake locations: Vents GetPosit   earthquake location data retrieval
. .      
.  Other Vents data by type:  
  ftp location data of submerisbles, markers, vents, samples, sidescan and CTDs
. Other Vents data by region:
. Data Formats and Usage    
. Other Options/Sources:         
. LDEO Ocean floor databases .  NSF Ridge Program's multibeam data and maps   
  NOAA MapFinder   images and maps from National Ocean Service
  National Geophysical Data Center   NOAA's repository for geophysical data
  Endeavour Segment GIS   downloadable bathymetry data
  Hawaii Mapping Research Group   MR1data, SSBS data, and data from the EPR
  The Field Museum   On-line Database of Hydrothermal Vent Invertebrates
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