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Special American Business Internship Training (SABIT) Program

A U.S. Government-private sector partnership program providing technical assistance to the New Independent States of the former Soviet Union.

SABIT, the Special American Business Internship Training Program, was established in 1990 by the International Trade Administration at the U.S. Department of Commerce in Washington, DC. The program's goal is to support economic restructuring in the New Independent States of the former Soviet Union (NIS) -- Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. With an experienced staff in both Washington and the NIS, SABIT places mid-to senior-level managers, scientists, and engineers from the NIS in internships with small, medium, and large U.S. businesses and organizations throughout the United States. The internships focus on industry training and exposure to Western management concepts and market-based economic fundamentals which are crucial to strengthening economic growth and attracting foreign investment in the NIS. SABIT also provides both the U.S. host organizations and NIS "interns" or "trainees" with a unique opportunity to develop and maintain business partnerships that are the key to success in today's global market.

SABIT is a visible demonstration of America's interest in supporting the NIS' transition to free-market economies. SABIT's programs not only aim to revitalize industry and improve infrastructure in the NIS, but also seek to create a more investment-friendly market which will foster new business development throughout the NIS. SABIT exposes business executives and industry specialists to a new way of thinking in which demand, customer satisfaction, and the "bottom line" drive production. Interns return home armed with the practical knowledge needed for restructuring their businesses and transforming their economies into modern, efficient, private sector-oriented systems. U.S. companies that participate have an opportunity to network with contacts from the NIS, to expose their products and services to potential business partners or customers, and to expand U.S. exports and investment. Furthermore, SABIT increases American competitiveness by establishing relationships with a cadre of newly trained, influential business people in the NIS who are more favorable to doing business with the United States. SABIT offers two types of training programs for specialists from the NIS: 1) the SABIT Grant Program and 2) the Specialized Training Programs. For more invormation about the SABIT Grant Program, visit the SABIT website. Specialized SABIT programs bring groups of 15-20 specialists from the NIS to the United States for four weeks of industry-specific training at a variety of companies and sites across the country. Through this format, the trainees become familiar with a U.S. industry sector and its regulations, establish valuable business relationships, learn about innovative technologies, equipment, and services, and come to understand market-based business concepts.

The SABIT* Standards Program provides experts from key sectors in Russia and the New Independent States (NIS) with four weeks of hands-on training in standards development, conformity assessment and quality management. The program is a cooperative effort involving the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration (ITA). Under the program, ITA and NIST bring standards, technical and regulatory experts to the United States from various NIS countries, in groups of approximately 20-25, all specific to an industry sector. The training includes a two-week orientation at NIST, followed by two weeks of intensive training with various companies, private sector standards developers, testing laboratories, and product certifiers. The goal is to help participants improve standards and quality control processes in their home countries, and to foster business and technical contacts between U.S. and NIS participants.

SABIT provides funding to cover the cost of participant airfare (from Moscow and return), per diem, housing, medical insurance and interpreters. SABIT will also assist with participant visa procurement, travel arrangements and overall program management, and will coordinate post-session follow-up with participants in cooperation with NIST.

NIS target audiences include regulatory and technical experts working in these sectors--developing standards, certification programs, and related activities -- and representatives of private sector or state operating entities in these sectors.

U.S. companies interested in meeting with any of these groups during their stay in the United States should contact Melissa Jordan, SABIT contractor, at 202-482-2086 (fax 202-482-0073).

For information on the technical program content, or previous SABIT programs, contact:

Dr. Eldar E. Dayan
100 Bureau Drive, MS 2100
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899-2100
E-mail: eldar.dayan@nist.gov
Tel: (301) 975-4412
Fax: (301) 975-4715

* For applications or other program information, contact SABIT, US Dept of Commerce, 202-482-0073.

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