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Can you help me convert a measurement to metric?

Multiply . . .
  • inches by 25.4 to find millimeters
  • feet by 0.3048 to find meters
  • yards by 0.9144 to find meters
  • miles by 1.60934 to find kilometers
  • square yards by 0.836127 to find square meters
  • acres by 0.404687 to find hectares
  • cubic yards by 0.764555 to find cubic meters
  • quarts by 0.946353 to find liters
  • ounces (avdp) by 28.3495 to find grams
  • pounds (avdp) by 0.45359237 to find kilograms
  • degrees Fahrenheit by 5/9 after subtracting 32 to find degrees Celsius
Example: 1 inch = 25.4 millimeters so 3 inches equals, 3 X 25.4 = 76.2 millimeters NIST Metric Program International System of Units (SI)

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