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Federal agencies are among the Census Bureau's most important stakeholders. We value their expertise and knowledge. So we're reaching out to them to provide assistance on one of the most far-reaching changes in our agency's history, the replacement of the decennial census long form survey with the American Community Survey (ACS).

The Census Bureau has launched a program of information and technical partnership with federal agencies, the ACS Federal Agency Information Program. The program is designed to:

  • Meet the unique needs of each federal agency; and
  • Target assistance based on the needs and resources of each federal agency.

The ACS Federal Agency Information Program is envisioned as a way to ensure that federal agencies having a current or potential use for data from the ACS will have the assistance they need. The goal of the program is to develop a working partnership with each federal agency to achieve a smooth transition to using the ACS. Once an agency responds to an invitation to participate in the program, the Census Bureau will contact the person(s) identified as liaison(s) by the agency and arrange to start working with the agency. The Census Bureau has identified an ACS Federal Agency Information Program team of staff members to work with federal agencies. Some of these staff members provide support and technical assistance; others work directly with federal agencies to respond to questions about the ACS program. All of them are advocates for federal agency needs.

The implementation ACS Federal Agency Information Program will depend on the particular needs of an agency, for example:

  • Needs for basic information on the ACS; an agency's interest may be limited to hosting a meeting for their staff and asking their Census Bureau liaison to make a presentation;
  • Need for assistance on specific issues relating to the use of ACS data for funding formulas or statistical modeling;
  • Needs for special tabulations of ACS data; the Census Bureau can provide special data tabulations on a cost-reimbursable basis.

The ACS Federal Agency Information Program is designed to be a long-range program, so we can work with you not just in the months ahead, but in the years ahead. We look forward to establishing a relationship with each agency so we can identify the opportunities and meet the challenges of using the ACS to its fullest potential.

The Census Bureau began a series of technical workshops for federal agencies in April 2004. The workshops will help the Census Bureau understand the needs and concerns of agencies as they make the transition from the decennial census long form to the ACS.

See Alert 15 for more details and photographs of the program launch.

For more information, contact Nancy Torrieri at 301-763-3602.


Source: U.S. Census Bureau
American Community Survey Office

Last revised: Tuesday August 24, 2004

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