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ACS 1999-2001 and Census 2000 Comparison Study

Data Collection & Processing

Evaluation Report Series


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Meeting 21st Century Demographic Data Needs--
Implementing the American Community Survey
Document Type Document Title Date Issued
PDF Report 10: Comparing Selected Physical and Financial Housing Characteristics with Census 2000 July 2004
PDF Report 9: Comparing Social Characteristics with Census 2000 June 2004
PDF Report 8: Comparison of the ACS 3-year Average and the Census 2000 Sample for a Sample of Counties and Tracts June 2004
PDF Report 7: Comparing Quality Measures: Comparing the American Community Survey's Three-year Averages and Census 2000's Long Form Sample Estimates June 2004
PDF Report 6: The 2001-2002 Operational Feasibility Report of the American Community Survey May 2004
PDF Report 5: Comparing Economic Characteristics With Census 2000 May 2004
PDF Report 4: Comparing General Demographic and Housing Characteristics With Census 2000 May 2004
PDF Report 3: Testing the Use of Voluntary Methods December 2003
PDF Report 2: Demonstrating Survey Quality May 2002
PDF Report 1: Demonstrating Operational Feasibility July 2001
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American Community Survey Office

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