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The following Highlights and Updates have been moved from the main page. The items were removed as new items were added to the Highlights and Updates box. The archived items are listed below by the date they were removed and contain the original announcement.

Date Removed Announcement
08/26/04 June 9, 2004 Release!
New to the Advanced Methodology Section!
ACS 1999-2001 and Census 2000 Comparison Study!
08/26/04 New to the Survey Basics Section! Congressional Tool Kit (May 25, 2004)
08/26/04 May 14, 2004 Release!
Comparing General Demographic and Housing Characteristics With Census 2000 - May 2004 Fourth in a series of reports about the development of ACS.

ACS product review pages in support of Federal Register Notice #3510-07-P
05/25/2004 New to the Survey Basics Section! Federal Agency Information Program
05/14/2004 December 23, 2003 Release!
ACS Voluntary Test Report Third report in a series of reports about the development of ACS.
04/13/2004 December 12, 2003 Release!
Quality Measures - data and definitions on 4 key indicators.
12/23/2003 + Public Use Microdata (PUMS) 2002
+ 700+! detailed tables on American FactFinder
12/12/2003 2002 Data Release! Sept. 2003. Check out the latest data products in the Data Tables section and the Ranking Tables section
11/20/2003 Living by the numbers: Your role in the American Community Survey-- New Brochure - Available for download!


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