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ACS Data Tables

Data Profiles Main
2003 Data Profiles
2003 Multi-Year Profiles
2002 Data Profiles
2001-2002 Change Profiles
2000-2002 Change Profiles
Special Tabulations
 a DRB Rules
CDROM Order/Details
Detailed Tables
 a Core Tables
 a Non Core Tables
 a ACS on American Fact Finder
 a User Notice
2001 Data Profiles
2000-2001 Change Profiles
2000 Data Profiles
1999 Data Profiles

Survey Basics

Survey Basics Main
Congressional Tool Kit
 a ACS Tool Kit
 a ACS Housing Fact Sheets
 a ACS Population Fact Sheets
 a ACS Survey Form
 a ACS Survey Guide
 a Questions and Answers
Federal Agency Info Program
Survey Questionnaire
 a Fact Sheets
Survey Definitions
What is the Survey?
 a Goals
 a Federal Statistical System
 a Implementation
Special Surveys - Puerto Rico
 a Frequently Asked Questions
 a Cuestionario
 a Preguntas
 a Questionnaire
Sample Selection
 a 2002 ACS Sample
 a 2001 Supplementary Survey

 a Census 2000 Supplementary

Test Sites & Counties
Sample Size
 a ACS 2002
 a ACS 1999-2001
 a Suppl. Surveys 2000-2001
Data Collection
Data Dissemination
 a Release Dates
Operations Plan
 a Operations Plan (pdf format)
ACS Brochure
ACS Ranking Tables

2003 Ranking Tables (Main)
 a Owner occupied housing units
 a Bachelors degree or higher

 a Speak language other than

 a Speaking Spanish at home
 a High School Graduate or Higher
 a Foreign-Born Population
 a Percent Veterans
 a Median Household Income
 a People below poverty
 a Travel time to work
 a Median Family Income

 a Related children under 18
    below poverty

 a Children under 18
    below poverty

 a 65 and over below poverty
 a Population in labor force

 a Children under 6 all parents
    in labor force

 a Median housing value
 a Monthly housing costs (renters)
 a Monthly housing costs (owners)
2002 Ranking Tables
2001 Ranking Tables
2000 Ranking Tables

Using the Data

Using the Data Main
Understanding Change Profiles
Subject Definitions
Accuracy of the Data
Quality Measures
 a Sample Size Data
 a Sample Size Definitions
 a Coverage Rates Data
 a Coverage Rates Definitions
 a Response Rates Data
 a Response Rates Definitions
 a Item Allocation Rates Data
 a Item Allocation Rates Definitions
 a Errata Details (03/25/02)
 a Errata Details (11/07/02)
Geography Explanation
 a 2003 Geography Notes (pdf)
 a 2002 Geography Notes (pdf)
 a 2001 Geography Notes (pdf)
Past Notices ACS

 a Special Limitations of 1999 ACS

 a Significant Changes from
     1998 to 1999

Past Notices Suppl. Surveys
 a Limitations of C2SS Data
 a Differences between C2SS and
     1990 Census
ACS Public Use Microdata Sample

PUMS 2000-2003
PUMS 1998
PUMS 1997
PUMS 1996
Subjects in the PUMS
Top Coded Values (2003)
Top Coded Values (2002)
Top Coded Values (2001)
Top Coded Values (2000)
Documentation For PUMS
 a PUMS 2003 Code Lists
 a PUMS 2002 Code Lists
 a PUMS 2000-2001 Code Lists
 a PUMS Accuracy 2003 (pdf)
 a PUMS Accuracy 2002 (pdf)
 a PUMS Accuracy 2001 (pdf)
 a PUMS Accuracy 2000 (pdf)
 a Data Dict. 2003-2005 (pdf)
 a Data Dict. 2003-2005 (xls)
 a Data Dict. 2000-2002 (txt)
 a Data Dict. 2000-2002 (pdf)
 a Data Dict. 2000-2002 (xls)
 a Data Dict. 1996-1998 (txt)

Advanced Methodology

Advanced Methodology Main
ACS-Census Comparison Study
Data Collection & Processing
Evaluation Report Series
 a Comparing Housing Characteristics with
    Census 2000

 a Comparing Social Characteristics with
    Census 2000

 a Comparison of the ACS 3-year Average
    and the Census 2000 Sample for a
    Sample of Counties and Tracts

 a Comparing Quality Measures: Comparing the
    American Community Survey's Three-year
    Averages and Census 2000's Long Form
    Sample Estimates

 a The 2001-2002 Operational Feasibility
    Report of the American Community

 a Comparing Economic Characteristics
    With Census 2000

 a Comparing General Demographic and
    Housing Characteristics With Census 2000

 a ACS Voluntary Test Report
 a Demonstrating Survey Quality

 a Demonstrating Operational Feasibilty

Papers and Presentations
 a 2003 ASA Papers and Presentations
Tract Outline Maps
 a Brevard County 1996-1997
 a Douglas County 1997-Present
 a Otero County 1997-1999
 a Rockland County 1996-Present
 a Multnomah County 1996-Present
 a Fulton County 1996-1999
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