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PUMS for ACS 2000-2003

PUMS for ACS 1998

PUMS for ACS 1997

PUMS for ACS 1996

Subjects in the Pums

Top Coded Values(2003)

Top Coded Values(2002)

Top Coded Values(2001)

Top Coded Values(2000)

Documentation for PUMS

Note: The population estimates of the American Community Survey (ACS) data are currently limited to the household population and exclude the population living in institutions, college dormitories, and other group quarters. The group quarters population will be included starting in 2005 when the ACS begins full implementation.

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For Accuracy documents, Code Lists and Data Dictionaries please click on Documentation for PUMS in the left hand navigation.

Note: The PUMS population files and documentation include a PUMA field which is equivalent to the state. Please note that if you are looking at data for the entire United States you will need to use the PUMA field in combination with the SERIALNO field in order to link back to the associated housing records.


Source: U.S. Census Bureau
American Community Survey Office

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