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Advanced Methodology Main

ACS 1999-2001 and Census 2000 Comparison Study

Data Collection & Processing

Evaluation Report Series


Tract Outline Maps


Data Collection and Processing
ACS data collection is based upon new standards. Read here to find out how ACS has changed the way data is collected!

ACS 1999-2001 and Census 2000 Comparison Study
ACS announces a new study comparing the ACS data from 1999 - 2001 in the 36 Test counties to the corresponding Census 2000 Sample data. These estimates, along with measures of data quality, were compared at the county and census tract level.

This comparison study contains analytical reports from the Census Bureau and local area experts, online data profiles at the county and tract level, online quality measures at the county level, and downloadable datasets.


Evaluation Report Series
An in-depth series of reports on the development of the ACS. Currently covered topics inlude demonstrating operational feasibility, demonstrating survey quality, and testing the use of voluntary methods.

Papers and Presentations
Are you looking for specialized research on the ACS? Look no further! Papers and Presentations will give you additional information on the ACS.

Tract Outline Maps
These maps outline Census tracts used in six of the original ACS test sites. View these maps to get a better idea of ACS geography divisions.


Source: U.S. Census Bureau
American Community Survey Office

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