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Researchers in industry, universities and other government agencies can work with NIST to solve technical problems, improve productivity or work on innovative new ideas. Partnerships with NIST take many forms. Our nationwide network of Manufacturing Extension Partnership centers help smaller manufacturers in their local area, for example. Companies can become research partners through our Advanced Technology Program, a cooperative research and development agreement or by joining a research consortia. Explore the links below for details.

   You can work with scientists in the NIST Laboratories through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement on a project of mutual interest or through a research consortium created to work on an industry-wide technical problem or need.
   A number of NIST's valuable research facilities are available for use by U.S. organizations under agreed upon conditions. For example, when an organization is working cooperatively with NIST on a research project of mutual interest, it generally has the same access to NIST R&D facilities as a NIST researcher. In these types of arrangements, the research plan, resource contributions, and facility use details are outlined in the specific collaborative agreement.
   The Advanced Technology Program co-funds high-risk, high payoff ventures with industry.
   Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program offers smaller and mid-sized manufacturers business and technical assistance through a network of regional centers.
   A variety fire research collaborations focus on quality and public safety of buildings.
   Students and researchers can apply for physics research grants and fellowships.
   Definitions, forms and FAQs on many partnership arrangements are available here.
   Brief descriptions of current NIST projects with contact names are available from the NIST project database.


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