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 Total Mission

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Total Mission

Beginning February 14, 2000, this office, in cooperation with federal, state, and city agencies, and community organizations, initiated a gun/gang violence reduction program in the Mission District of San Francisco. This initiative is the first in a series of neighborhood-based coalitions that incorporates a strategy of crime suppression, intervention, and prevention.  The objective of Total Mission is to reduce gun and gang-related violence in the Mission District of San Francisco.  The strategy of Total Mission focuses on a coalition of law enforcement agencies, city services, and community representatives who have joined together to suppress crime in the Mission, prevent future gun violence and gang-related crime in that area, and provide intervention opportunities, including education and employment.

The Mission District is a vibrant area of San Francisco that is home to more than 60,000 residents.  It is culturally diverse and has a strong tradition of family-owned businesses and recreational and other social activities. But like many other such communities throughout the United States, the Mission suffers from violent crime, criminal street gangs, and drug dealing. Total Mission intensifies and augments existing law enforcement efforts in the Mission by focusing on identifying the source and impact of violent crime, gang-related activity, and narcotics trafficking in the Mission; tracing firearms recovered in the Mission to identify potential gun traffickers; prosecuting active gang members for criminal conduct in the Mission; identifying and prosecuting drug dealers in the Mission, with emphasis on public areas such as city parks; and prosecuting undocumented aliens with criminal convictions involved in criminal activity.

Total Mission undertakes specifics steps aimed at preventing crime in the Mission, including establishing a hot-line for residents to report gun and gang-related crime; publicizing Total Mission through billboards, press releases, community meetings, bus posters, and public service announcements; and conducting face-to-meetings with parolees, probationers, and gang members advising them of Total Mission and the potential for federal and state prison for criminal conduct in the Mission.

Total Mission also uses existing city, county, and federal services that offer alternatives to eligible criminal offenders who desire to become productive members of the community.