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Using the Data Main

Understanding Change Profiles

Subject Definitions

Accuracy of the Data

Quality Measures


Geography Explanation

Past Notices ACS

Past Notices Suppl. Surveys


Section Overview
Each year we add new documentation to reflect changes in the survey or update the existing documents to will help you understand the data better.

Subject Definitions
We have identified and defined 53 population variables, and 42 housing variables to help you understand the results of the American Community Survey. These definitions include information on how the data were collected and how they are presented in data products.

Accuracy of the Data
These documents provide data users with a basic understanding of the sample design, confidentiality, sampling error, nonsampling error, estimation methodology, and accuracy of the data.


Quality measures
2003 data now available!
The content in quality measures provides discussion and data tables at the state and national level on 4 key indicators of survey data quality -- response rates, coverage rates, sample size and allocation rates.

This section will keep you informed of any updates made to the data due to found errors.

Geography Notes
Looking for a definition of PMSA? The geography notes gives a brief explanation of the Census Bureaus geographic hierarchy and common terms as well as details on specific geographic areas presented in the American Community Survey data products.


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