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Acoustic Monitoring ProgramNOAAVents ProgramAcoustic Monitoring Program
  Monitoring the global ocean through underwater acoustics
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Acoustics Program:




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The Acoustic Monitoring Project of the VENTS Program has performed continuous monitoring of ocean noise since August, 1991 using the U.S. Navy SOund SUrveillance System (SOSUS) network and autonomous underwater hydrophones.

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Atlantic seismicity source data retrieval (1/23/02)

Ocean Seismicity  
Axial eruption epicenters image
  Hydroacoustic monitoring allows the detection and precise location of small submarine earthquakes and volcanic activity.
whale call spectrogram
  Underwater acoustic methods are being used to study the distribution of large whales in the open oceans.  
  Environmental Noise  
  ship noise spectrogram   Studies of the effect of noise, both man-made and natural, on marine life are being planned with NOAA Fisheries researchers.  
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