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Office of Safety and Security Transit Security Newsletters

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Volume 36 May, 2003 It's Been Six Years! [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 35 March, 2003 Ensuring the Safety and Security of the Nation's Public Transportation Systems [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 34 January, 2003 Addressing Terrorist Activities in the Local Emergency Plan [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 33 November, 2002 WMATA Police Involved in Sniper Task Force [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 32 September, 2002 WMATA Police Chief McDevitt Retires [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 31 July, 2002 Federal Transit Administration Offers Emergency Preparedness Grants [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 30 May, 2002 Suspected Killer Caught by BART Police Officer [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 29 March, 2002 GCRTA Police Officer Praised [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 28 January, 2002 WMATA Transit Police Earns Professional Accreditation [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 27 November, 2001 MARTA Implements New Crime Reduction System [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 26 September, 2001 We Are Not Alone [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 25 July, 2001 WMATA Loses One of Its Own [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 24 May, 2001 MARTA Police Department Re-accredited [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 23 March, 2001 NICTD Police Officer Rescues Gary Woman [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 22 January, 2001 MARTA Police Officer Receives Governor’s Award [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 21 November, 2000 MBTA Patrolman Receives Medal of Valor [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 20 August, 2000 NICTD Police Officer Saves Infant [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 19 July, 2000 What is a Performance Control Specialist? [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 18 May, 2000 MBTA Police Operations Team [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 17 March, 2000 MARTA Police Department and Y2K [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 16 Nov, 1999 MARTA Prepares for Y2K [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 15 Sept, 1999 WMATA Partners with Students [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 14 July, 1999 San Diego Trolley Toughens Policy on Fare Evaders [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 13 May, 1999 MBTA On Your Side [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 12 March, 1999 Office of Safety and Security Audit Program [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 9 Sept, 1999 Metro's Partnership Against Crime [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 8 July, 1998 Major Disaster Drill Planned for D.C. Area [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 7 May, 1998 MARTA Bomb Assessment Team [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 6 Mar, 1998 Fire Dept. Dedicates New Bomb Squad [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 5 Jan, 1998 Third Generation Street Gangs, Montgomery County, MD [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 4 Nov, 1997 Response to and Mitigation of CBN Attacks [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 3 Sept, 1997 System Security [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 2 July, 1997 IACP Sponsored Training Program Plan [PDF] [HTML]
Volume 1 May,1997 Welcome! [PDF] [HTML]
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