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NIST Boulder Contacts

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Frequently requested NIST Boulder contacts

General Inquiries about NIST:

Inquiries about NIST Boulder Laboratories
NIST Boulder, 325 Broadway, Mailcode 346.16
Boulder, Colo. 80305-3328
Email: brunner@boulder.nist.gov
Phone: (303) 497-5507 or TTY (303) 497-3665

Public Inquiries Unit
NIST, 100 Bureau Drive, Stop 3460
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-3460
Email: inquiries@nist.gov
Phone: (301) 975-NIST (6478) or TTY (301) 975-8295

Director's Office, NIST Boulder Laboratories
325 Broadway, Mailcode 104.00
Boulder, Colo. 80305-3328
Phone: (303) 497-3237 Email: sarabeth@boulder.nist.gov

325 Broadway, Mailcode 818.00
Boulder, Colo., 80305-3328
Phone: (303) 497-3131 Email: friday@boulder.nist.gov

Electromagnetic Technology
325 Broadway, Mailcode 814.00
Boulder, Colo., 80305-3328
Phone: (303) 497-3678 Email: smetz@boulder.nist.gov

Information Services and Computing
325 Broadway, Mailcode 890.02
Boulder, Colo., 80305-3328

Phone: (303) 497-5678 Email: serkes@boulder.nist.gov

Materials Reliability
325 Broadway, Mailcode 853.00
Boulder, Colo., 80305-3328

Phone: (303) 497-5338 Email: vonnie@boulder.nist.gov

Mathematical and Computational Sciences
325 Broadway, Mailcode 898.02
Boulder, Colo., 80305-3328
Phone: (303) 497-5356 Email: buhse@boulder.nist.gov

325 Broadway, Mailcode 815.00
Boulder, Colo., 80305-3328
Phone: (303) 497-5342 Email: optoelectronics@nist.gov

Physical and Chemical Properties
325 Broadway, Mailcode 838.00
Boulder, Colo., 80305-3328
Phone: (303) 497-3220 Email: william.haynes@nist.gov

Quantum Physics
Boulder, Colo., 80309-0440
Phone: (303) 492-7791 Email: faller@jila.colorado.edu

Statisical Modeling and Analysis
325 Broadway, Mailcode 898.02
Boulder, Colo., 80305-3328
Phone: (303) 497-5356 Email: buhse@boulder.nist.gov

Time and Frequency
325 Broadway, Mailcode 847.00
Boulder, Colo., 80305-3328
Phone: (303) 497-3276 Email: timeinfo@boulder.nist.gov

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