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Investigative Programs
Crimes Against Children
Graphic Logo for Crimes Against Children
This is a photograph of Richard Steve Goldberg Richard Steve Goldberg is wanted for allegedly engaging in sexual activities with several female children under the age of ten.

Our children are our Nation's most valuable asset. They represent the bright future of our country and hold our hope for a better Nation. Our children are also the most vulnerable members of society. Protecting them against the fear of crime and from becoming victims of crime must be a national priority.

It is the mission of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) Crimes Against Children (CAC) Program to provide a quick and effective response to all incidences of crimes against children. Making this a priority increases the number of victimized children safely recovered and reduces the level of crime in which children are targets.

The CAC Program strategy is to:

  • decrease the vulnerability of children to acts of sexual exploitation and abuse;
  • develop a nationwide capacity to provide a rapid, effective, and measured investigative response to crimes involving the victimization of children; and
  • enhance the capabilities of state and local law enforcement investigators through training programs, investigative assistance, and task force operations.

The CAC Program strategy is implemented by:

  • using multi-disciplinary and multi-agency resource teams to investigate and prosecute CAC that cross legal, geographical, and jurisdictional boundaries;
  • promoting and enhancing interagency sharing of intelligence information, specialized skills, and services; and
  • increasing the provision of victim/witness assistance services.

CAC investigated by the FBI:

The FBI exercises jurisdiction and investigative responsibilities pursuant to federal statutes addressing various CAC. These investigations include violations of federal statutes relating to kidnappings, such as child abductions and domestic and international parental kidnappings.

In addition, the FBI also investigates online child pornography/child sexual exploitation violations through the Innocent Images National Initiative (IINI). The IINI enforces statutes involving:

  • possession, production, and/or distribution of child pornography facilitated by an online computer;
  • interstate travel for sexual activity with a minor facilitated by the use of an online computer; and sexual exploitation of children facilitated by an online computer.

Other CAC federal statutes address:

  • sexual exploitation of children;
  • interstate transportation of obscene material;
  • physical/sexual abuse of a child on a government reservation;
  • National Sex Offender Registry matters; and
  • Violations of the Child Support Recovery Act.
Individual FBI Field Offices serve as primary points of contact for persons requesting FBI assistance. For further information about FBI services or to request assistance, please contact a Crimes Against Children Coordinator at your local FBI Field Office.



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Investigating Crimes Against Children Brochure
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