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FBI History
Famous Cases

Since its founding in 1908, the FBI has been involved in many famous cases. Inasmuch as inquiries often are received about them, the Office of Public and Congressional Affairs (OPCA) has prepared monographs on some of the most frequently requested, closed investigations.

The monographs listed have been made available for your use. You may download them for any noncommercial use without obtaining permission from the FBI.

The monographs should be considered to be overviews rather than exhaustive treatments. Although additional details on these cases or copies of photographs and illustrations are not available from OPCA, further information on them may be found in libraries. 

Bank Robbery

- Joseph Edward Earlywine
- John Elgin Johnson
- The Brinks Robbery

Historical Ten Most Wanted

- Billie Austin Bryant
- Gerhard Arthur Puff
- Willie Sutton

Organized Crime/Gangsters

- Al Capone
- Bonnie and Clyde
- John Dillinger
- Kansas City Massacre - Charles Arthur Floyd (Pretty Boy)
- The Fur Dressers Case
- The Brady Gang
- John Paul Chase & Lester M. Gillis (Baby Face Nelson)
- George "Machine Gun" Kelly
- Roger "The Terrible" Touhy's Gang

Violent Crime

- The Charles Ross Kidnapping
- The Greenlease Kidnapping
- Durkin - Murder of a FBI Special Agent
- Jack Gilbert Graham
- The Lindbergh Kidnapping
- Richard Floyd McCoy, Jr. - Aircraft Hijacking
- James Edward Testerman
- The Weinberger Kidnapping
- The Weyerhaeuser Kidnapping


- Robert Philip Hanssen Espionage Case
- Maksim Martynov
- Rudolph Ivanovich Abel (Hollow Nickel Case)
- Aldrich Hazen Ames
- The Atom Spy Case
- George John Dasch and the Nazi Saboteurs
- Duquesne Spy Ring
- "Espionage in the Defense Industry"
- "Thwarted Sabotage in Zambia"
- Tokyo Rose
- Vonsiatsky Espionage
- Velvalee Dickinson, Doll Woman

Directors Then and Now
Photographs and biographies of FBI Directors since 1908
History of the FBI
Detailed description from 1908 to the present
FBI Headquarters
The J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building from start to finish

Freedom of Information Act
Thousands of pages of frequently requested historical records

Historic Dates
Timeline of important events in FBI history

Hall of Honor
In honor of FBI Agents killed in the line of duty

Famous Cases
Including gangsters, spies, and Top Tenners
- Alphabetical Listing
Heraldry of the FBI Seal
The significance of each symbol and color of the FBI seal