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The CJIS Division Community Outreach Program (COP) creates and provides crime, drug, gang, violence prevention, and education programs within North Central West Virginia to meet the growing needs of the local communities.The COP works with school systems and community organizations to promote healthy lifestyles and provide an environment that supports positive alternative activities to drug use, gangs, and violence.

The FBI COP actively conducts weekly educational awareness presentations for elementary and middle school students throughout an eight-county radius in North Central West Virginia. Additionally, area high school students are very active in COP functions serving as Fingerprint Technicians, participating in public service announcements, and serving as mentors.

COP Initiatives

Current COP offerings include the following: Caring Officers Promoting Safety (C.O.P.S.), Right Choice Program, Junior Special Agent Program, Finish First in the Race Against Drugs, The Memorial Ceremony in Honor of Fallen West Virginia Law Enforcement Officers, School Violence Program, Community Fingerprinting Program, Statistical Curriculum, Internet Safety Program, and Guest Speakers Program. The following are descriptions of the CJIS Division COP Initiatives:

C.O.P.S. (Caring Officers Promoting Safety)

CJIS Division FBI Police Officers present a variety of safety tips to children and young adults and convey how important proper communication skills are in the event of an emergency. The Program also provides information about careers in law enforcement.

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The Right Choice Program

Features an adventure film concerning adolescents faced with making the right choices concerning peer pressure, drugs, and crime. Following the videotape, veteran law enforcement officers, now FBI Training Instructors or CJIS Division Police Officers, address participating youth and share their first-hand accounts of crime, drugs, and violence.

The Junior Special Agent Program

Is a year-long course currently offered to fifth grade students at Norwood
Elementary, Harrison County and fourth grade students at Alum Bridge
Elementary, Lewis County. This course is designed to stress the
importance of being good citizens and providing your best effort on every task. Additionally, the course provides an overview of FBI
and CJIS Division operations. Through 34 lesson plans covered on a bi-weekly basis, the COP provides guest speakers from the CJIS Division,
welcomes the students for a tour of the FBI complex, and invites their
parents and other family members to a graduation ceremony. Upon
successful completion of the course, the students will be presented with their Junior Special Agent badges and credentials by the Assistant Director In Charge during the graduation ceremony.

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The entire CJIS Community Outreach Document can be downloaded here.
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