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T ropospheric A erosol R adiative
F orcing O bservational e X periment

A Field Project of the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry Project (IGAC)

* Focus 8, Atmospheric Aerosols *

Coordinators: P.B.Russell, P.V.Hobbs, L.L.Stowe

WHAT'S NEW WITH TARFOX! - updated Feb-01-2000

TARFOX Schedule - updated Feb-02-1999

Science and Implementation Plan

TARFOX Summary for IGAC/FAA Booklet

Mission Summaries and Overview Data

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JGR Special Section One - updated Feb-18-1999

Volume 104, number D2,

Published Jan 27, 1999

Aerosol properties and radiative effects in the United States East Coast haze plume: An overview of the Tropospheric Aerosol Radiative Forcing Observational Experiment (TARFOX) - Russell, et al.   Retrieval of aerosol optical thickness and size distribution over ocean from the MODIS airborne simulator during TARFOX - Tanré et al.
Interannual variation of ambient aerosol characteristics on the east coast of the United States - Remer, et al.   Comparison of observed and modeled direct aerosol forcing during TARFOX - Hignett, et al.
An overview of the University of Washington airborne measurements and results from the Tropospheric Aerosol Radiative Forcing Observational Experiment (TARFOX) - Hobbs   Aerosol-induced radiative flux changes off the United States mid-Atlantic coast: Comparison of values calculated from Sun photometer and in situ data with those measured by airborne pyranometer - Russell, et al.
Humidification factors for atmospheric aerosols off the mid-Atlantic coast of the United States - Kotchenruther, et al.   Aircraft observations and modeling of sky radiance distributions from aerosol during TARFOX - Francis, et al.
Aerosol optical depth retrieval using ATSR-2 and AVHRR data during TARFOX - Veefkind, et al.    


JGR Special Section Two - list revised 05-14-1999

Submission Deadline set for May 1, 1999.

Coordinator: Rich Ferrare. Email address:

Potential Papers:
Properties of aerosols aloft relevant to direct radiative forcing off the mid-Atlantic coast of the United States - Hartley, Hobbs, Ross, Russell and Livingston   Comparisons of aerosol optical properties and water vapor among ground and airborne lidars and sun photometers during TARFOX - R.Ferrare, S. Ismail, E. Browell, V. Brackett, S. Kooi, M. Clayton, S. H. Melfi, D. Whiteman, G. Schwemmer, K. Evans, P. Russell, J. Livingston, B. Schmid, B. Holben, L. Remer, A. Smirnov, P. Hobbs
Comparisons of aerosol optical depths from aircraft and satellites off the East Coast of the United States - Hartley, Hobbs, Stowe, Russell, Livingston   Comparisons of LASE, aircraft, and satellite measurements of aerosol optical properties and water vapor during TARFOX - R.Ferrare, S. Ismail, E. Browell, V. Brackett, S. Kooi, M. Clayton, P. Hobbs, S. Hartley, J.P. Veefkind, P. Russell, J. Livingston, D. Tanré and P. Hignett
A TARFOX case study of the aerosol direct radiative forcing closure problem using aircraft data from the UK Met Office C-130 - Haywood, J.M., Francis, P.N., Hignett, P., and Taylor, J.   Measurement of atmospheric optical parameters on US Atlantic coast sites, ships and Bermuda during TARFOX - A.Smirnov, B.N.Holben, O.Dubovik, N.O'Neill, L.Remer, T.F.Eck, and I.Slutsker
Retrieving the vertical structure of the effective aerosol complex index of refraction from a combination of aerosol in situ and remote sensing measurements during TARFOX (Part 1) - Redemann, Turco, Liou, Russell, Bergstrom, Schmid, Livingston, Hobbs, Hartley, Ismail, Ferrare, Browell   Intercomparison of aerosol properties derived from in-situ data and satellites. Deficiencies and their impact on aerosol direct forcing estimates - Kinne, Russell, Hignett, Bergstrom, Holben, Stowe, Prins, Veefkind, Durkee, Torres, Vermote
 Case studies of the vertical structure of the direct shortwave aerosol radiative forcing during TARFOX - Redemann, Turco, Liou, Hobbs, Hartley, Bergstrom, Browell, Russell    LASE measurement of aerosol and water vapor profiles measured during TARFOX - S. Ismail, E.V. Browell, R. Ferrare, S. A. Kooi, M. Clayton, V. Brackett
Aerosol optical properties from NOAA AVHRR and GOES-8 measurements during TARFOX - P. A. Durkee, B. B. Brown, K. E. Nielsen, P. B. Russell, J. Livingston, P. Hobbs, P. Hignett   CCN spectra and CNN size distributions during TARFOX - Q. Ji, S.C. Tsay, Y.J. Kaufman, G.E. Shaw and W.H. Cantrell


TARFOX Papers from Conference on Visibility,

Aerosols and Global Radiation Balance - September 1997

An Overview of the Tropospheric Aerosol Radiative Forcing Observational Experiment (TARFOX).

Direct Aerosol Radiative Forcing: Calculations and Measurements from the Tropospheric Aerosol Radiative Forcing Observational Experiment(TARFOX).

Paper from IGACtivities Newsletter #11

Sulfate Versus Carbonaceous Materials on the East Coast of the United States: Results from TARFOX.

TARFOX Data Archive


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