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Current Biological Issues

The issues in this area of the NBII represent some of the major "hot topics" for biological researchers today. What factors play a role in these biological issues?  Are there connections?  And, ultimately, can the problems themselves be halted or reversed?

  • Bird Conservation Node: Provides access to bird habitat and population data utilized in bird conservation and management.
  • Biodiversity: A measure of the variety or richness of life and the interactions among life forms, biodiversity is an index of growing interest and concern globally, as habitat alteration and fragmentation from a variety of stressors signal changes in the diversity and abundance of species.
  • FrogWeb: Amphibian Declines and Malformations: Many amphibian populations around the globe are in decline, while others suffer from alarming rates of physical malformations. What is causing these alarming trends?
  • Invasive Species: Aggressive nonindigenous species threaten to transform entire ecosystems, as they out-compete native plants and animals for food, habitat, and resources and become dominant.
  • Pollinator Declines: Pollinators of all types appear to be in decline, raising serious concerns for the welfare of agricultural crops and other plant life.
  • West Nile Virus: The WNV impacts wildlife populations and can cause human illness, and even death.

Current Biological Issues
Biodiversity | Biology in the News | Bird Conservation | Coral Reefs
Frogweb: Amphibian Declines & Malformations | Invasive Species | Pollinator Declines
West Nile Virus | Wildlife Disease

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