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Press Room

Computer Solves Case - I
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Mr. Schiff: Northwest Pennsylvania was the scene of the crime in 1988. FBI Special Agent Al Johnson, then working in the Pittsburgh office, says the subject involved typed a bunch of extortion notes demanding around $2 million for the safe return of a bank manager's wife...

Mr. Johnson: "I was involved because the notes had been determined to have been possibly generated by a computer system."

Mr. Schiff: Johnson worked weeks analyzing the hard drive...

Mr. Johnson: "I was able to retrieve the very documents that were produced and used to extort the money along with a 22 step plan that indicated that the murder was planned to be done whether or not the money was delivered or not."

Mr. Schiff: Johnson says he looked at erased file space for the documents...

Mr. Johnson: "The files, or the data, the data content of the file, was still on the system."

Mr. Schiff: Johnson says the FBI worked with the Pennsylvania State Police and Erie Police Department in finding the victim and arresting the subject who was convicted and sentenced to death. I'm Neal Schiff and that's the FBI's Closed Case of the Week."


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