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Facts and Figures 2003

Internal Investigations

INTERNAL INVESTIGATIONS: Ensuring Accountability

"The greatness of an institution can be measured by the strength of its internal investigations."
-Robert S. Mueller, III

Annual Inspections

All FBI offices and programs are subject to regular inspections by the FBI's Inspection Division to ensure their economic value and effective compliance with objectives, governing laws, rules, regulations, and policies. These reviews are also to ensure that FBI personnel conduct the organization's activities in a proper and professional manner. The Division conducts organizational streamlining studies, program evaluations, and process-reengineering and improvement projects. The Inspection Division also ensures compliance with instructions and recommendations issued as a result of the inspection of field offices, Legats, and Headquarters, and is responsible for the coordination and processing of Intelligence Oversight Board matters.

Office of Professional Responsibility

The Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) is part of the Office of the Director and is responsible for the investigation of, and the supervision of investigations of, allegations of criminal conduct and serious misconduct by FBI employees. Additionally, OPR is responsible for the adjudication of cases of administrative discipline based on its investigation, determining whether the allegations have been substantiated, and making written findings and recommendations regarding what, if any, disciplinary action is appropriate.

OPR is responsible for setting policy and establishing procedures regarding the disciplinary process and for monitoring its effectiveness to ensure that the ability of the FBI to perform its law enforcement and national security functions is not impaired.

OPR is responsible for the investigation and adjudication of allegations of wrongdoing on the part of FBI employees and for the resolution of internal disciplinary matters. It also has responsibility for the ethics training of all FBI employees throughout their careers.

The Inspector General

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG), established by the Inspector General Act Amendments of 1988, is an independent entity within the Department of Justice that reports to both the Attorney General and Congress on issues that affect the Department's personnel or mission. The OIG is responsible for finding and discouraging waste, fraud, abuse, and misconduct among DOJ employees and its programs, and also promoting integrity, economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in its operations. The OIG also enforces criminal and civil laws, regulation, and ethical standards within DOJ by investigating individuals and organizations that allegedly are involved in financial, contractual, or criminal misconduct in DOJ programs and operations. This year, the OIG will devote significant resources to reviewing DOJ programs and operations that affect its ability to respond to the threat of terrorism. The current Inspector General is Glenn A. Fine, who was confirmed on December 15, 2000. Inspector General Fine is a Harvard-trained attorney, an experienced prosecutor, and a long-time civil servant. For more information on Glenn Fine or OIG go to

The Security Division

The FBI's Security Division works to ensure a safe and secure work environment for FBI employees and others with access to FBI facilities, and to prevent the compromise of national security and FBI information. It works to prevent espionage and to protect personnel, facilities, and information from both external and internal threats.

The Security Division is responsible for ensuring the integrity and reliability of the Bureau's workforce. It uses the product of personnel security investigations to determine whether someone can be trusted to properly protect sensitive or classified FBI information. It performs polygraph examinations to help determine trustworthiness and to support criminal investigations.

The Security Division manages programs to protect staff, contractors, and Bureau visitors. These programs include force protection, facility access control, incident reporting and management, and continuity of operations planning. The division also conducts security training to help prepare staff and contract personnel to execute their general and specific security responsibilities.

The Security Division manages programs, techniques, and processes to protect and defend information and information systems by assuring their integrity, authentication, availability, non-repudiation, and confidentiality. For documents in an electronic format, this process is accomplished through information systems certification and accreditation, access control and "need-to-know", intrusion detection, as well as encryption and secure messaging. For hard-copy documents, the division sets policy that governs the protection of sensitive and classified documents.

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