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The SA Challenge - a collage of photographs of agents in action.


Click here to learn more about your assigned field office.This is the Special Agent (SA) Challenge. Presently, you're a New Agent. As a New Agent you are still training at the FBI Academy located in the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia. You are taking part in 16 weeks of intensive training that includes physical training, firearms, and classroom instruction. You hope to be an FBI Agent in the Anchorage, Alaska Field Office.

To be an Agent, you need to know not only FBI procedures and what is being investigated now, but past cases and FBI history. Search our website and increase your knowledge of the FBI. Your position in the FBI as a Special Agent will depend on how well you do!


Each search task is worth one point. The more points you earn, the higher your position at the FBI will be! Print out this page to keep track of the questions while you search our website.

**For a little help on tough questions...check out our Hint Links!**

1. Who is the current Director of the FBI and what is the date that he took the oath of office?

2. Who is the Special Agent in Charge of the Anchorage Division?

3. As a new Special Agent in the Anchorage Division of the FBI, you will be assigned to one investigative area. What are the investigative priorities in the Anchorage Division?

4. After becoming an Agent, you may assist with the search for a Ten Most Wanted Fugitive wanted by FBI Phoenix. Who is this Ten Most Wanted Fugitive? HINT...

5. As a Special Agent in the Anchorage Division, the FBI encourages Agents and support employees to take part in the community events through the community outreach program. Name two outreach programs that the Anchorage Division assists in and that you would like to participate in.

6. FBI Headquarters is located in the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building in Washington, DC. However, the FBI Headquarters used to be located in the Department of Justice Building. What is the date that the first FBI employees moved their offices into the J. Edgar Hoover FBI? HINT...

7. The Working Dogs section of the Youth webpage lists working dogs based on their abilities. Name these four kinds of working dogs.

8. Name the four "FBI Adventures" listed in the Youth Section of the FBI's website. These adventures give interesting details about where FBI Agents go to help with investigations.


Answers & Your Status In The FBI
(Warning: You will see the answers to every question)

The Special Agent Challenge is updated the first week of every month.

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