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The Computer Analysis and Response Team provides assistance to FBI field offices in the search and seizure of computer evidence as well as forensic examinations and technical support for FBI investigations. This Unit includes a state-of-the-art forensic laboratory comprised of computer specialists and a network of trained and equipped forensic examiners assigned to more than 50 field offices.

In 1999 the Unit conducted 2,400 examinations of computer evidence and provided technical support for the investigation and prosecution of cases involving such evidence. The Unit also provided all CART Laboratory examiners and 75 percent of FBI field examiners with the pre-release version of the Automated Computer Examination System (ACES), which combines advanced computer hardware and software to conduct many routine examinations in a self-documenting, automated method. All FBI field divisions will receive ACES by the end of the year 2000. In cooperation with the United States Attorney's Office and seven other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, the Unit established the San Diego Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory. This laboratory is staffed by technically competent and CART-certified personnel assigned by the participating agencies.

In a move designed to enhance FBI efforts in computer intrusion cases and to provide additional support, the FBI Laboratory opened a CART satellite office in Linthicum, Maryland. This office is supported through a cooperative effort of the FBI and the Department of Defense Computer Forensic Laboratory (DCFL). Through this effort, the Unit conducts computer forensic analysis and shares developed technological principles, procedures, and techniques with the DCFL. This relationship benefits both the FBI and the DCFL by enhancing capabilities in the complex research and development of tools used in examinations involving computer intrusions and other online investigations.
Graphic showing ACES computer software

ACES (Automated Computer
Examination System)

For more information about computer evidence or the Computer Analysis Response Team, see the
Computer Examinations section of the Handbook of Forensic Services.

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