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The Federal Bureau of Investigation provides a national focal point for electronic communication, education, and information sharing through the development and operation of LEO -- Law Enforcement OnLine.

LEO is a national interactive computer communications system and information service, an Intranet exclusively for the law enforcement community. It is a user-friendly service which can be accessed by any approved employee of a duly constituted local, state, or federal law enforcement agency, or approved member of an authorized law enforcement special interest group. LEO is intended to provide a state-of-the-art communication mechanism to link all levels of law enforcement throughout the United States. LEO is also used as a vehicle to educate officers on the best technologies and practices in all areas of law enforcement.

LEO Services

Topical Focus Area: Custom web-type pages that provide a secure community area for general information related to the law enforcement profession using text, graphics, audio, and video.

Law Enforcement Special Interest Groups: Segmented areas with multilevel controlled access for specialized law enforcement groups that have their own members.

E-mail: Provides the capability to send and receive e-mail/messages electronically between LEO users.

News groups: Provides general national and state law enforcement and special interest group bulletin boards for posting of timely topical information of interest to law enforcement.

Chat: Provides the ability to have a real time discussion among users (through a keyboard) on three levels; one-to-one, groups, and the Electronic Academy for presentations or question/answer sessions.

Feedback: Provides the capability to survey users for input on various topics.

Electronic Calendar: Provides national, state, and special interest calendars for posting upcoming dates of interest for conferences, meetings, training courses, seminars, and other important dates.

Topical Electronic Library: Provides an easily accessed repository of a broad range of publications, documents, studies, research, technical bulletins, and reports of interest to the law enforcement community. The Library will provide indexed and full-text retrieval capability. Material for this component is expected to come from the entire law enforcement and education communities.

Distance Learning: Provides online topical learning modules that can be used any time of the day or night at the user’s own pace with instructional feedback.

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