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Sun October 17 2004
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What causes thunder?

What is storm surge and how is it different from tidal surge?

What are nautical charts, and where can they be obtained for specific U.S. coastal areas?

What is the pressure like in the deepest part of the ocean?

What are coastal wetlands and where are they Located?

Why is the ocean blue? (11/13/03)

What is air pressure and does it vary with respect to air temperature? (12/19/02)

Is the Ozone Layer Expected to Recover? If so, when? (11/18/02)

What is the most damaging hazard from a hurricane? (10/18/02)

What Factors Contribute to the Brilliant Colors of Twilight and Sunset? (7/12/02)

Where and when are hurricanes most likely to occur? (6/3/02)

What causes lightning? (4/17/02)

What is the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights? (3/5/02)

What is Lake Effect Snow? (1/16/02)

How do snow flakes form into so many uniquely different shapes? (12/6/01)

Winter Weather Watches, Warnings and Advisories — What do they all mean? (11/7/01)

What is the new wind chill temperature (WCT) index? (10/9/01)

What do you call the precipitation shaft underneath a shower? (8/17/01)

What are the dangers of lightning? (7/2/01)

What regions around the globe have tropical cyclones, and who is responsible for forecasting there? (5/24/01)

What is the Earth's magnetic field? (4/16/01)

How do thunderstorms form? (4/7/01)

What is Paleoclimatology? (2/2/01)

What is a Nor'easter or Northeast Winter Storm? (1/9/01)

Space Weather—What Is it and Why Do We Want to Know About It? (12/1/00)

How do tornadoes form? (10/1/00)

How much energy does a hurricane release? (8/29/00)

Why are coastal habitats important? (7/18/00)

Did the May 3, 1999 tornado outbreak in Oklahoma produce an F5 storm? (5/01/00)

What is the difference between a geostationary and polar orbiting satellite? (4/24/00)

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