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United States District Court
Southern District of Florida

301 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33128
(305) 523-5100

Chief United States District Judge
William J. Zloch


Court Administrator • Clerk of Court
Clarence Maddox


99-MD-1317-SEITZ - In RE: Terazosin Hydrochloride Antitrust Litigation
Order granting defendant Abbott's motion for summary judgement on Sherman Act Section 2 claims and denying plaintiff Kaiser's motion for summary judgement on Sham Litigation* (08/31/2004)
Order granting indirect purchaser plaintiffs' motions for class certification of state-wide classes* (04/08/2004)
Order granting plaintiffs' consolidated motion for class certification* (09/20/2001)
Order granting plaintiffs' motion for partial summary judgment and denying defendant Zenith's motion for summary judgment* (12/13/2000)

00-MD-1334-MORENO - In RE: Managed Care Litigation
Final Judgement* (07/20/2004)
Order approving settlement, certifying class & directing entry of Final Judgement* (07/20/2004)
Omnibus order granting in part and denying in part joint motion to dismiss the second amended consolidated class action complaint* (12/08/2003)
Order granting plaintiffs' motion for preliminary injunction* (12/12/2002)

03-CV-21642-SEITZ - Rizalyn Bautista, etc., et al. v. Star Cruises & Norwegian Cruise Line, LTD.
Order granting defendant Norwegian Cruise Line, LTD.'s motion to compel arbitration and denying plaintiffs' motions for remand and attorneys' fees* (10/14/2003)

88-CV-1886-HOEVELER - United States v. South FL Water Management District
Order of Disqualification* (9/23/2003)
Clerk's Notice of Reassignment* (9/23/2003)

03-CV-21300-SEITZ - Christopher S. Hughes & Thomas P. Cloyd v. The 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida
Order granting Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus* (8/05/2003)

98-CV-2651-DIMITROULEAS - CBS Broadcasting, Inc., et al. v. Echostar Communications Corporation, et al.
Final judgment for Plaintiffs* (6/10/2003)
Findings of fact and conclusions of law* (6/10/2003)

99-CV-10054-PAINE - Elizabeth J. Neumont, et al. v. Monroe County, FL
Order RE: Cross motions for summary judgment on Count X* (5/21/2003)
Order adopting in part report and recommendation* (11/21/2002)

95-CV-7207-GRAHAM - Timothy Brown v. James V. Crosby, Jr. as Secretary of the Dept. of Corrections
Order* (03/19/2003)
Order* (09/09/2002)

02-CV-21755-SEITZ - Spanish Broadcasting System Inc. v. Clear Channel Communications Inc. and Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation
Order granting defendants' motions to dismiss with prejudice* (1/31/2003)

02-CV-61716-MARRA - National Labor Relations Board v. Point Blank Body Armor, Inc. and NDL Products, Inc.
Final judgment granting petition for injunction under Section 10(j) of the National Labor Relations Act* (1/30/2003)

02-CV-21734-SEITZ - Access Now, Inc. & Robert Gumson v. Southwest Airlines, Co.
Order granting defendant's motion to dismiss* (10/18/2002)

01-CV-1859-SEITZ - Rosner, et al. v. United States
Order on defendant's motion to dismiss* (08/28/2002)

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